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The Spinning Wheel Info Pack

Get the best information about spinning wheels in one place with the Spin-Off Fall 2013 digital issue, Know Your Wheel HD Video, and Spinning Wheel Primer eBook!

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There's never been a better time to learn more about spinning wheels. Whether you are looking to buy your first wheel, want to know more about the wheel you already own, or would like to expand your collection, this bundle is perfect for you!
Not only will you the brand new issue of Spin-Off—Fall 2013—but you will also get Know Your Wheel High Definition Video and the Spinning Wheel Primer eBook. These resources are full of tips, tricks, and advice for purchasing and maintaining spinning wheels.
Spin-Off Fall 2013 Digital Issue
Our Fall 2013 issue of Spin-Off magazine has a special focus on the spinning tools we spinners love.  Our authors have shared stories of the spinning tools they’ve loved:
•Elizabeth Fahey tells the tale of spinning wheel maker Norm Hall
•Peter Teal delves into his discoveries about wool combs in the 1960s that brought them back into spinning practice
•Judith Helton went to great lengths—traveling through time and space—to learn the back-story of the antique spinning wheel she purchased from a thrift store
•Debbie Ellis had a chance to spin on Mahatma Gandhi’s charkha
•Marion Wheatland took her spinning wheel to Antarctica for a special project to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sir Douglas Mawson’s Australian Antarctic Expedition

Know Your Wheel HD Video
Between the two of them, Alden Amos and Cindy Lair have more than 50 years experience making spinning wheels. Amos makes them one by one, by hand; Lair makes them in production runs using sophisticated machines. For both makers, quality is paramount. And for both, helping their customers get the most from their wheels is a substantial part of their work.
In this video, you’ll hear each maker expound on the wheel function and maintenance problems they most often encounter, and you’ll learn their special tricks for dealing with them. Looking at a wide range of wheels, you’ll learn how to deal with:
•That annoying clunking sound
•The bobbin that sometimes jams
•The drive band that keeps slipping off
•The drive band that needs replacement – more often than you might think
•The copious lubrication needs of your wheel
•And so much more.
Spinning Wheel Primer eBook
Scotch tension, flyer lead, bobbin lead, double drive, double treadle, wheel ratios - what do they all mean? The mechanics of spinning wheels can confound even the most technically apt. This small tome lays out the fundamentals in clear layman's language and explicit line drawings.

Bonus content: frequently asked questions fielded by the Alden Amos and spinning maven Susan Druding; also the author's highly opinionated description of the ideal spinning wheel. Must-have reference material for spinners at every level of skill and experience.

SKU: EP6607-HDEP2464-DB0001-BUNDLE

SKU: EP6607-HDEP2464-DB0001-BUNDLE