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Spinning Wool Premium Collection

This spinning wool kit features resources for how to spin wool, from selecting a sheep fleece and preparing the fiber to knitting with handspun yarn.

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Spinning Wool Premium Collection

Want to learn how to spin wool? Or do you want to go even deeper with your wool spinning? This kit is the perfect collection for you. It brings together two DVDs, an eBook and a book to get you from raw wool to finished knitted pieces.


Get these four resources for only $59.99! That’s a savings of over 40%.


This kit includes:

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How to Card Wool: Four Spinners, Four Techniques

Featuring Carol Rhoades, Maggie Casey, Norman Kennedy, and Rita Buchanan

Workshop DVD

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Carding wool is the first step towards easy spinning and consistent yarns; however there is no one way to card wool. These four master spinners each give their own techniques for carding, ranging from deeply traditional to somewhat eccentric. They all work.


The DVD includes discussion on:

  • How much fiber to load on the hand cards
  • Starting from the top of the card or from the lip
  • The number of rolags that can be formed from a single carding
  • Preparing brand-new cards
  • Whether or not to change hands
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In Sheep’s Clothing: A Handspinner’s Guide to Wool

By Jane Fournier and Nola Fournier


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Spinning Wool Premium Collection  

This eBook is a comprehensive review of the characteristics of wool from over a hundred breeds of sheep. This is a indispensable resource for anyone wanting to spin wool.


Actual fleece locks are shown in full-size photographs, and knitting, crochet, weaving, and other techniques illustrate the importance of matching wool type to end use. Everything from baby-soft Merino to silky Lincoln and sturdy Karakul - the full range of nature's miracle fiber - is represented here, with special attention given to fleece characteristics and to methods of preparation and spinning. You'll find expert advice on: selecting top-quality fleeces; cleaning wool efficiently and thoroughly; teasing, flicking, combing, carding, and other preparation methods; and spinning and plying a variety of yarn styles.
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Three Bags Full: How to Select, Prepare, and Spin a Great Fleece

Featuring Judith MacKenzie

Workshop DVD

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Spinning Wool Premium Collection  

Master spinner Judith MacKenzie offers in-depth instruction on selecting, preparing, and spinning a great fleece in this four-hour comprehensive video! This is an ultimate guide for any spinner wanting to gain more knowledge about spinning wool.


With this video you will:

  • Spot the best fleeces in the wool show
  • Meet sheep from cute and cuddly to big enough to pull a cart
  • Learn to lay out a fleece and sort it, from the choicest sections to seconds to waste
  • Discover many options for cleaning wool, from the washing machine to lock by lock
  • Card and comb fiber to create cushy rolags and dreamy top roving
  • Use fine, medium, longwool, and primitive fleeces in your spinning
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All New Homespun, Handknit: 25 Small Projects to Knit with Handspun Yarn

By Amy Clarke Moore

Paperback Book

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Spinning Wool Premium Collection  

All New Homespun Handknit features beautiful quick-to-knit projects that use just a few hundred yards of handspun yarn. These knitting patterns show off the unique colors and textures only found in yarn created by hand. Knitting with handspun wool has never been easier with this book!


Transform small amounts of handspun into fantastic wearables with All New Homespun Handknit. Choose from colorful caps and bags, cozy self-striping socks, comfortable and beautiful mittens, airy ponchos, warm scarves and shawls, and adorable sweaters and hats for babies and kids.


Hurry! We have a limited supply of this kit so order yours today while supplies last.

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Customer Reviews

Good Value Review by Glenda

Even though I've been working with wool and raising sheep for many years, I found things of interest here. Interesting to me were the details about how wool grows, and I have even been using the In Sheep's clothing e-book as a handy reference for a concise overview of differing breeds. I have the 1st edition of Homespun, Handknit and had been told this edition was more contemporary. Though I gravitate toward classical, I found it to hold several enticing projects. Haven't watched the carding video yet, but Good value for the information and products included. Even though I wouldn't have chosen these individually, and thought several of them would be superflous to me, I have enjoyed it all and especially at the price it is offered, I would recommend it as a good introduction with a few interesting details for those who have been at it awhile.

(Posted on 7/28/14)