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Welcome to the Spinning Daily Shop, where we raise our drop spindles and handspun yarn to celebrate all there is to love about spinning fiber. With a broad range of spinning books, instructional videos, and expert resources to choose from, this shop is dedicated to all things spinning. You'll find tools that all spinners, beginner to advanced, need to succeed in learning how to spin. Along with our commitment to bring you the very best and brightest in the spinning world, we're proud to offer learning opportunities with free spinning tips and tricks, advice, and articles to help spinners of every level advance their skills. Read all of our featured articles to further your knowledge and improve your spinning techniques.

Drop Spindle Spinning

Drop Spindles

The techniques for spinning on a handspindle (often calleda drop spindle) have been tried and perfected over millennia. Learning how to spin on a drop spindle is easier than you think. This article covers the ins and outs to drop spindles. You will also discover helpful resources to advance your handspinning skills.

Read more about spinning on a drops spindle . . .

Wire Jewelry

Plying Yarn

Plying yarn shouldn't be an afterthought. It's part of an amazing adventure through the world of yarn design. There are a lot of things to consider when learning how to ply yarn - how to hold your hands, where to put your kate, and how to store your yarn as you ply. In order to achieve successful yarn plying, it’s important you know all the basic techniques. You’ll discover helpful resources to advance your plying in this helpful article.

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Wire Jewelry

Wool Processing Videos

The beauty of spinning videos is that you can watch them over and over again until you master the technique. That's why we've compiled our favorite videos for spinners to master the craft of processing wool for spinning. Learn about all aspects of wool processing with detailed video tutorials on each: carding, combing, rare wools, and more!

Read more about our favorite wool processing videos. . .

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