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  1. The Spinner's Companion eBook

    The Spinner's Companion eBook

    This is a quick and easy-to-download reference guide that both beginning and experienced spinners will use to look up common spinning terms, find out how to maintain their wheels, and learn how to process fiber and spin yarn. Take The Spinner's Companion eBook anywhere! Learn More

    Item Number: EP4175

    Availability: Download Now


  2. Respect the Spindle eBook

    Respect the Spindle eBook

    Now in an easy-to-download eBook, Respect the Spindle is perfect for any spinner with a growing collection of spindles or even just a dowel, with step-by-step photography with detailed illustrations, making the spindle spinning techniques clear to even the novice spinner. Learn More

    Item Number: EP3852

    Availability: Download Now

    Was: $17.95

    Sale: $16.51

  3. Spin-Off: Essentials of Handcarding

    Spin-Off: Essentials of Handcarding

    Looking for a way to build on your carding skills? This eBook was designed with you in mind! Learn More

    Item Number: EP9530

    Availability: Download Now


  4. 2015 Crafter's Market

    2015 Crafter's Market

    Order your copy today for expert advice in starting and building your craft business, plus peruse 1000+ craft market listings and resources. Learn More

    Item Number: T0022-T0047-GROUPED

    Availability: In stock

    Starting at: $24.18

  5. Spin-Off Presents: Combing: A Spinner's Guide

    Spin-Off Presents: Combing: A Spinner's Guide

    This eBook contains articles from some of the most distinguished contributors in Spin-Off's history on combing! Learn More

    Item Number: EP9529

    Availability: Download Now


  6. Creative Tangle

    Creative Tangle

    Push your Zentagle® to the next level with expert guidance to creating your own designs and patterns. Learn More

    Item Number: GROUP-T0396-T0398

    Availability: In stock

    Starting at: $17.36

  7. Color In Spinning eBook

    Color In Spinning eBook

    The highly popular Color in Spinning is now available in eBook format, exclusively here in the Spinning Daily Shop! Learn More

    Item Number: EP9702

    Availability: Download Now


  8. The Dyer's Companion eBook

    The Dyer's Companion eBook

    This eBook is the essential tool for dyeing natural or synthetic fibers, fabric, or yarns. Learn More

    Item Number: EP9703

    Availability: Download Now


  9. Art Journal Art Journey

    Art Journal Art Journey

    Learn how to find your creative process in your journey of artistic discovery through art journaling, collage, and creative projects. Learn More

    Item Number: GROUP-U3982-U3985

    Availability: In stock

    Starting at: $18.49

  10. The Practical Spinner's Guide: Silk

    The Practical Spinner's Guide: Silk

    Learn how to create smooth lustrous yarns with silk, a gorgeous but tricky and sometimes intimidating fiber.

    Be the first to receive this new paperback title before it's available anywhere else! Pre-order your paperback copy today, scheduled to ship May 4, 2014. Can't wait? Download the eBook instantly.

    Learn More

    Item Number: 14SP01-EP7231-GROUPED

    Availability: In stock

    Starting at: $18.29

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