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Want to take spinning workshops in the comfort of your own home? Now you can with spinning videos and DVDs. Learn techniques for drafting, plying, cleaning wool fiber, drop spindle spinning, dyeing, spinning cotton, spinning wool, and more.  There’s so much that you will learn from these master teachers.

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  1. Know Your Wheel (DVD)

    Know Your Wheel (DVD)

    Two master wheel makers demonstrate how to keep various spinning wheels in good working order. Learn More

    Item Number: 11SP03

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  2. A Spinner's Toolbox (DVD)

    A Spinner's Toolbox (DVD)

    Six drafting techniques for crafting any yarn you can imagine with your own two hands. Learn More

    Item Number: 10SP10

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  3. In Praise of Simple Cloth (DVD)

    In Praise of Simple Cloth (DVD)

    Join Master Spinner Rita Buchanan as she shares the secrets of spinning simple cloth. Learn More

    Item Number: 11SP02

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    Sale: $19.95

  4. How I Spin (DVD)

    How I Spin (DVD)

    A common-sense approach to great productivity and creative joy. Learn More

    Item Number: 10SP06

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  5. Gentle Art of Plying DVD

    Gentle Art of Plying DVD

    Plying is not an afterthought. It’s your gateway into the vast world of yarn design. Learn More

    Item Number: 10SP04

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  6. Popular Wheel Mechanics (DVD)

    Popular Wheel Mechanics (DVD)

    How to choose the wheel you want, love the wheel you've got, and truly master the machine. Learn More

    Item Number: 10SP03

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  7. Respect the Spindle (DVD)

    Respect the Spindle (DVD)

    In Respect the Spindle: The Video, veteran spinner and spindle aficionado Abby Franquemont shows spinners old and new how to create volumes of incredible yarn with this amazing yet simple tool. Learn More

    Item Number: 09SP05

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  8. Drafting The Long and Short of It (DVD)

    Drafting The Long and Short of It (DVD)

    What’s the difference between woolen and worsted spinning? IS there a difference? How do you decid Learn More

    Item Number: 09SP04

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  9. Start Spinning (DVD)

    Start Spinning (DVD)

    Invite Maggie Casey into your living room and learn to spin one-of-a-kind yarn. Learn More

    Item Number: 09SP03

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  10. Stitch Gifts 2014

    Stitch Gifts 2014

    This issue of Stitch Gifts is filled with 50+ holiday projects to sew and give. Learn More

    Item Number: SG1303-EP7570-GROUPED

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