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Start Spinning (DVD)

Invite Maggie Casey into your living room and learn to spin one-of-a-kind yarn.

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Follow along with Eunny Jang as she learns the ins and outs of spinning from spinning teacher extraordinaire Maggie Casey.

This 2-disc DVD set will take you from just wool to good yarn and beyond. Learn how, when, and why to pre-draft your fiber; how to adjust your spinning wheel; how to spin good single yarn; and how to ply and finish a good skein.

Plus, you'll see the basics for carding and combing, spinning with a long draw, spinning worsted weight, spinning from the fold, and more.
About the Author

From Linda Ligon - Editorial Director

Spinimation–The Maggie and Eunny Show
I’ve rattled on for years about how hard it is to put spinning instruction in print. It’s such a dynamic, process-intensive craft—so hard to capture in one-shot increments. For all my carrying on, though, I think we’ve done a pretty good job. Thirty-two years of Spin-Off, and more books than I can even remember. And this printed material really has helped people learn to spin, either on a spindle or on a spinning wheel, and improve their skills.

One of the best of the books is Maggie Casey’s Start Spinning. And the best possible “spinoff,” if you’ll forgive me, is her Start Spinning: the Video. It’s Maggie the Teacher in action, from choosing a good beginning fiber to predrafting to making a good singles to plying and finishing. And then it goes on from there. Two solid discs full, more than two hours of viewing time.

If you’ve ever had a class with Maggie, you know she is probably the calmest spinning teacher on the planet. It’s bound to be a part of her success. Getting beginners over the “white knuckle” phase where they’re afraid to let go of the yarn is one of the most important steps. I’ve even known of teachers who employed alcohol, the drinkable kind, for this step. Maggie just employs great serenity.

One thing that makes this DVD set special is that it’s not just Maggie talking to the camera, as pleasant as that would be. Great teachers flourish when they have great students, and Maggie has Eunny Jang. 

What you may not know is she is also yarn-obsessed, and one of her dreams is to learn to spin exactly the yarn she wants for the project in her fertile imagination. So as Maggie’s Student-for-a-Day, she asks all the right questions—the ones you would probably ask if you had been there. Such as:

  • Why do you have to spin your singles in the Z direction? You don’t. But the traditions behind this standard may surprise you.
  • Why would you want to spin a worsted-style yarn for a cable sweater and a woolen-style yarn for color stranding? There are good reasons, and we’ll show you how to spin both, but as a spinner you can do whatever you want.
  • Why does the fiber just whip right out of your hand and onto the bobbin sometimes when you least expect it? Ahh. Here’s how to get around that annoyance.
  • And so on. If you are just learning to spin on a spinning wheel, or if you want a refresher, or just another point of view, here’s what you need. I know I’m sounding like a salesman instead of a creative director, but I can’t help it. These DVDs are just so good.

—Linda Ligon

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ISBN 13: 9781596682078

Customer Reviews

Good Basic Video Review by Elissa Ewert

I was very excited to get this, because I really liked Maggie Casey''s book by the same title. It was a good video and I found it very informative. I wish there would have been a few more close-ups while they were spinning and comparing twist in the yarns. Also, the video quality on the second disc was very poor, but that might just be my dics.

(Posted on 2/10/10)

The title is START Spinning Review by Joe Garrett

The title of this video leads one to believe that it is a beginners video. Well Maggie Casey does an awesome job of talking you through the beginning stages of spinning. That''s right I said talking. Why? Well because the FOUR cameras that are used to film the video (the whole point is the video, isn''t it) are hardly ever where they need to be. Ms Casey will be telling you something that you really NEED to see her hands/fingers doing and what camera are you watching? The panned view of Maggie and Eunny from across the room. You get MORE than enough viewing time watching the back side of what a Schacht Matchless castle wheel looks like. It really is sad because the videos verbal content is excellent for a new person who is STARTing to spin. I''d say either pay an editor and spend less time advertising Schacht''s products.

(Posted on 1/29/10)

Very Helpful DVD! Review by Barbara Lindberg

I am so glad to have purchased this DVD. It was everything I needed to help me with my spinning. I very much agree with the other positive review and my situation is similar (1 year spinning). I didn''t really comprehend how to spin worsted or woolen until this DVD - you see it in action using both short and long draw. Now it makes total sense and I know what to do. I agree with the review that if you''ve never spun before the camera may not be on the fingers enough to satisfy your wanting to see it in action but if you''ve learned basic spinning and need help with problem areas, weak or underspun areas in the yarn, wanting to control your results better, a better understanding between carded and combed, how to care for your wheel, plying, etc. ,etc., this video answers those questions and you see it all in action. It''s a great purchase. I''ve watched it more than once and learned more each time. It''s an excellent purchase and well worth it''s money.

(Posted on 11/4/09)

Excellent Beginner Video Review by NULL NULL

This is an excellent beginner video! I''ve been spinning for a year and this fixed a lot of the little things I was doing wrong and consequently having trouble with. There is so much info about the little things, let alone the big how-to''s, that it felt a bit overwhelming. I watched it 3 times before I felt I was remembering it well. The only caveat is the camera angles. I wouldn''t recommend this to someone who hasn''t learned the absolute basics of spinning. The camera''s don''t clearly show what the hands and fingers are doing often enough for someone who''s never spun before to learn it well. However, if one has learned the bare basics about spinning this video will rocket them forward. There is info about short-draw and long-draw. Info about different types of sheep and fiber and demonstrations for hand-carding. One bit I found particularly interesting was when Maggie Casey was demonstrating how different methods of spinning fiber affect it''s outcome. One fiber, sampled and spun two different ways, actually seemed to change color from the method of spinning. The whole video is packed with lots of small details like this that make all the difference to the finished product. Overall, an excellent beginner video!

(Posted on 10/15/09)