A Step-by-Step Guide to Clones Lace, with 12 Irish Crochet Motifs Patterns

Learn Clones lace with this downloadable eBook of crochet techniques and 12 Irish crochet motif patterns.

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Clones Lace

Interweave Crochet Presents

A Step-By-Step Guide to Clones Lace

with 12 Irish Crochet Motif Patterns


In this new downloadable eBook from Interweave Crochet, you'll learn

about the history and tradition surrounding Irish Crochet, as well as

Clones Lace in modern art and fashion.


You'll love this eBook if:

  • You enjoy learning about historical crochet
  • You love open crochet and crochet lace motifs
  • You want to learn a new crochet technique

Learn the history of Clones lace from expert Maire Treanor. Inspired by Venetian needlepoint lace in the mid-1800s, Clones lace looks similar but is much quicker to create than needlepoint lace. Along with taking you through the history of this lovely crocheted lace technique, Marie Treanor will teach you how to make Clones lace motifs of your own.

Clones Lace

Learn how to make these Clones lace motifs:

  • Small Rose and Wild Irish Rose
  • Shamrock and 3-Ringed Shamrock
  • Grapes and Vine Leaves
  • Rose Leaf, Clematis Leaf, and Scroll

You'll also learn the Clones knot, a technique for joining Clones lace motifs together to create your own Clones lace wrap or shawl. You can follow along with the schematic included in the eBook, or create a shawl pattern of your own!


Once you learn the basic Clones lace motifs and the connecting knot, you'll have everything you need to design and create you own beautiful Clones lace pieces!


Download your copy of

Interweave Crochet Presents A Step-By-Step Guide to Clones Lace Today!

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Customer Reviews

easy to follow Review by elle

Love the book it is easy to follow and I like that you can make the different components the size you like.

(Posted on 1/28/14)

Love it, free form lacemaking made easy! Review by freetobeme

I have always wanted to do some sort of free form crochet and this booklet provides that opportunity. I also appreciate the historical value of the articles and the efforts in preserving a heritage of lacemaking. I knocked one star off for not stating this was a compilation of articles in past issues, but even then, for the price it's worth the money to have a complete book. I actually had it bound into a spiral book to keep in my collection. The instructions read like contemporary patterns and are easy to follow.

(Posted on 12/29/13)

Intrigued Review by Corinna

This showcased pattern looks lovely! As always, when I see attractive patterns, I check the details on them to see which original publication they come from prior to purchasing them. I find that when a pattern reappears, it has a way of reminding us of patterns we may or may not have dog-eared in our original publications. Sometimes there are too many "Oh, I'd love to work on that" projects to keep track of them all!
This is one of those "I have to make this" patterns, for sure!

(Posted on 10/15/13)

Thanks for the boost, Maire! Review by Mrs. C

I don't honestly know if I ever would have properly learned this art without Maire Treanor's help. I had collected many of the antique Irish crochet how-to books over the years, but I admit that I had difficulty in reading the very old print. The print was small, the lines far too close together for easy reading, and the old type much too fuzzy. Although I at least had the basic idea from all my Irish Lace perusing, Maire explained the creation of this beautiful needle art in simple, modern terms. She made what seemed almost impossible actually doable! You can easily design your own lace once you have learned the basics of making a variety of motifs: there are a wonderful variety of flowers with their accompanying leaves, grape clusters made from small buttonies (buttonies are used frequently in many motifs), vines and leaves, scallops and clovers. Once you have learned the simple method for crocheting any pretty motif in the world, you will be able to create your own personal motifs with only a little imagination.

Plan out your lace by drawing out the design. Will you create a bridal shawl or an attractive pillow cover? Make sure the paper or cloth that you will be using to set out your motifs and work your ground is the full size for your layout and design. Maire shows her students to crochet approximately two rows around each motif using the clones knot. This stitch is to be used for the 'ground,' the netting that is used to crochet around all your lovely motifs into one masterpiece and border. The 'clone's knot,' is a special stitch that Maire learned, which is unique to her area of Clones, Ireland in County Monaghan. She teaches this stitch in her book and DVD.

Simply lay your motifs out onto your paper or fabric foundation according to your lace design--much as an artist who sketches his design on his canvas before he begins to paint. Tack them on with simple needle and thread. The ground is crocheted around every motif, except for the outer edge of those that are used as your border.

To make this book even more interesting, Maire shares a great deal of the history of this lace. I first found her book for a normal price at Lacis.com online book catalog (Lacis still sells it for $28. It had been out of print when I tried to find a copy, and book sellers were stealing folks blind with their outrageous prices). I was not able to find any modern, updated books like Maire's. I tried to make due with the antique patterns, as well as the simple leaflets and booklets from Annie's Attic. So, I was pretty ecstatic that Lacis was able to reprint her book, saving many crocheters from the hands of book selling gougers.

I sometimes wonder if Irish crochet would have vanished into oblivion if Maire had not decided to pick up her crochet hook in 1987 and share this invaluable needle-art to those crochet lace-making artists throughout the world who hold this special gift and predisposition locked in their hearts, awaiting Maire with her key? I look back and am delightfully surprised to see how far and wide Maire's gift has spread. The only thing that would be even better than her book and DVD would be to travel to Ireland to meet Maire and to learn from her personally. What a thrill it would be to share this with others as we learn!

(Posted on 8/23/13)

An interesting look at Clones lace Review by Barbara

Yes, this is a compiled reprint of old articles. The product description now indicates that (August 2013). As a non-subscriber, I believe this was worth the price. It is well-written and organized. Each article discusses part of the history of Clones lace, including modern interpretations of it, with lots of photos of finished items. The basic motifs are clearly described and charted and there is a final article which tells how to assemble the motifs. The crochet instructions are in US terminology (single crochet = 2 loops). There is only one "pattern" (a Venetian-style mask), but the photos and descriptions allow you to use your own artistic style to create whatever suits you.

(Posted on 8/22/13)

Waste of Money for Subscribers Review by Nancy

Don't waste your money on this if you subscribe to or purchase Interweave Crochet on the newsstand. This "book" is nothing more than copies of all of the feature articles on Clones Lace which ran in the magazine a year or two ago. No where in the product description does it state that this book is article reprints. I feel this is a total rip-off to loyal subscribers. Let alone all the printer ink I wasted printing out 28 pages of stuff I already have. I would give this zero stars if I could.

(Posted on 7/26/13)