Stitch Rhythms & Patterns

Textile artists Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn have put together another book that fiber artists will certainly not want to miss. Their latest effort focuses on rhythm and pattern, looking at how to fine-tune observation skills to find textile inspiration in nature.

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Inspired by various “scapes,” including the sea, land, and sky, Beaney and Littlejohn present a series of fiber art pieces that are original, richly textured, and harmoniously colored. The authors base their work on actual sites from their travels—from Australia to Tunisia—and describe how they derive inspiration from visual observation with emotional sensation to create work that represents specific locations. The book is primarily a gallery of their work accompanied by descriptions that are succinct and captivating, recounting their travels as well as how they created each piece. An array of techniques are used, including painting, hand and machine stitching, embellishing, and even knitting. The most captivating aspect of this book is without a doubt the full-page images of Beaney and Littlejohn’s work, which include both their finished textiles and the original sketches and paintings that inspired by them. The parallels are breathtaking and the resulting pieces are a masterful combination of literal and abstract interpretation. The reference section at the back includes several pages of stitch suggestions as well as a list of necessary materials to help guide you in creating your own stitched work.
Table of Contents
    Formal Gardens
    Grids from Gardens
    Spring Borders
    Carpet of Flowers
    Cloth of Flowers
    Flowers Centres - A Closer Look
    Cornucopia - An Abundance
    Patterns Under Foot
    Repeating Units
    Butterfiles & Moths as Inspiration
    Spots & Stripes - Octopus
    Circles & SPots - Log Piles
    Follow the Line
    Continuing the Line
    Distorting the Line
    Bark Rhythms
    Forest Glade - Take One Stitch
    Undersea Rhythms
    Mary's Pool
    Patterns Beneath
    Stylisation - Simplification
    Sedona Landscape
    Rock Rhythms - Santa Fe
New Patterns - Familiar Sources
Stitch Diagrams
Stitch Samples
Useful Information
Pattern Pathways - On Reflection
About the Author
Double Trouble Enterprises was formed to publish books and promote further interest in embroidery and allied subjects.  Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn are internationally known textile artists, authors, and tutors.  They aim to give each student confidence to design and create their own unique work.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Jean Littlejohn

Format: Hardcover