Stringing, Fall 2005: Digital Edition

Get great ideas for hot jewelry designs in one of the first issues of Stringing now available in digital format!
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As a trip to any clothing or department store will illustrate, beads are hot! Every fashion magazine or catalog that arrivesin the mail is full of strings of beads and wireworked beaded jewelrythat add style and individuality to any look. As you flipthrough the pages of Stringing, our wish for you is to be enticed to make your own jewelry, which will ensure one-of-a-kind designs that show off your unique good taste. Packed with more than 150 beading projects, this issue of Stringing is sure to inspire you to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.


Were you to add up all the beads used in the sixty pairs of earrings, nearly fifty bracelets, and over sixty necklaces in the projects that follow, the number would surely be in the thousands. If you are lucky enough to have a reasonably large stash, chances are you already have the makings for many pieces of jewelry. If not, it may be time to make that stash grow. The materials lists for our projects will serve as a valuable shopping guide for you in your local bead shop. Or, if you want to work more intuitively, you can just pick out whichever beads catch your eye as you shop. Make exact replicas of the pieces shown, or branch out and tailor each one to reflect your own special style. Check out “Stringing 101” on pages 14–17 for information about beads, findings, materials, and tools, as well as instructions for all the project techniques. We hope you’ll be inspired. Inspired to bead, inspired to adorn yourself, inspired to create!
Table of Contents


  • Passing Through
  • Stringing 101


  • Eclectic Earrings: 60 Designs!
  • Helena (SaraBeth Cullinan)
  • Vine (Nancy Norden Walters)
  • Cornucopia (Ruby Bayan)
  • Lascaux (Dustin Wedekind)
  • Strawberries Forever (Jaida Kimmerer)
  • Middle Earth Treasures (Marlene Blessing)
  • Pine Cones and Moss (Ashly Hagen)
  • My Antonia (Jamie Hogsett)
  • Eye of Sauron (Linda Ligon)
  • Tourmaline Tango (Laura Levaas)
  • Sweet Simplicity (Lindsay Burke)
  • Sediment (Liz Jones)
  • Turquoise Treasure (Carol Reesha)
  • Desert Flowers (Paulette Livers)
  • Carré Vert (Danielle Fox)
  • Where the Green Fern Grows (Jennie Stephens)
  • Stone Dew (Paulette Livers)
  • Let?????s Go Rafting (Dustin Wedekind)
  • From the East (Lindsay Burke)
  • Bubbles (The Thiens and Karen Villagers)
  • Storm Winds (Cynthia Thornton)
  • Sweet Dream (Jaida Kimmerer)
  • Sparkling Laurel (Liz Jones)
  • White Breeze (Banu Sekendur)
  • Czarina (Jamie Hogsett)
  • Summertime (Amanda Harkness)
  • Silver Lining (Melissa Loden)
  • Butterflies and Bubbles (Carol Reesha)
  • Silver Shells (Cheron Gelber)
  • Purple Haze (Terry Rhoades)
  • Dazzling Crystals (Maha Rizk)
  • Zephyr (Danielle Fox)
  • Padparadscha Princess (SaraBeth Cullinan)
  • Pearly Clouds (Marlene Blessing)
  • Beaucoups Bracelets: 48 Designs!
  • Miami Heat (Jennie Stephens)
  • Hot Chrysanthemum (Marlene Blessing)
  • Fleurs du Feu (Marlene Blessing)
  • Joined Passions (Carol Reesha)
  • Firecracker (Lindsay Burke)
  • Flamenco! (SaraBeth Cullinan)
  • Vulcan?????s Gift (Keriann Gore)
  • Summer Fling (Dustin Wedekind)
  • Trip to Mars (Dustin Wedekind)
  • Hearth Throb (Paulette Livers)
  • Golden Flame (Jessica L. Garrison)
  • Sailor?????s Delight (Melissa Loden)
  • Fireball (Paulette Livers)
  • Rings of Fire (Gregory Ogden)
  • Cinnamon Imperials (Tammy Powley)
  • Lava Lei (Dustin Wedekind)
  • Just Breathe (Kristal Wick)
  • Temperance (Dustin Wedekind)
  • Midnight Sea (Marlene Blessing)
  • Blue Shimmy (Dustin Wedekind)
  • Splash (Jaida Kimmerer)
  • Smoke on the Water (Ruby Bayan)
  • Deep Current (Dustin Wedekind)
  • The Mermaid of Venice (Jennie Stephens)
  • All the Way to the Bottom (Liz Jones)
  • Sea Chimes (Keriann Gore)
  • Ocean Booty (Annie Bakken)
  • Aquatic Petroglyphs (Dustin Wedekind)
  • Wave Lariat (Paulette Livers)
  • Pacific (Fernando DaSilva)
  • Skipping Stones (Jamie Hogsett)
  • Aqua Serenity (Regina Greer-Smith)
  • Sea Waves (The Thiens and Karen Villagers)
  • Waterfall (Jamie Hogsett)

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Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue