Stringing, Spring 2006: Digital Edition

No matter how big your bead world is, whether you bead alone or with your friends, you know how beads make you feel.
Digital Magazine Single Issue

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Whether you are new to beading or have been a part of the bead world for ages, you’re sure to enjoy this issue of Stringing. As usual, we’ve packed these pages full of thousands of beads that are strung and wire-wrapped into stylish necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. If you are new to stringing, or just need a refresher, be sure to read Stringing 101 on page 14. It will tell you all you need to know to make the projects in this issue and, we’re
hoping, many more of your own.

No matter how big your bead world is, whether you bead alone or with your friends, you know how beads make you feel. Beyond the meditative feeling it creates, a few minutes or hours of beading will allow you to make gorgeous jewelry. Plus it will give you an incredible feeling of accomplishment. You’ll know that what
you’ve made is another unique
Table of Contents


  • Simply Strung
  • Stringing 101


  • Excellent Earrings: 60 Designs!
  • Genuine Beauty (Kathy Fox)
  • Peridot Priestess (Pam and Angie Thien)
  • Haiku (Lisa Kan)
  • Winsome Wisteria (Keriann Gore)
  • Jazz Baby (Kristen Winter)
  • Reflecting Pool (Cynthia Thornton)
  • Peach Princess (Ruby Bayan)
  • Kelpie?????s Dream (Katie Wall)
  • Berrylicious (Lisa Kan)
  • Eye of the Sun (Andrew Thornton)
  • Lost and Found (Cynthia Thornton)
  • African Muse (Keriann Gore)
  • Many Wonders (Cynthia Thornton)
  • Simply Romantic (Carol Horan Reesha)
  • Hippie Chic (Christabella Handsman)
  • Amber Beauty (Ania Karolina Kyte)
  • Blue Moons Over Pluto (Jean Yates)
  • Mod Pod (Keriann Gore)
  • Oceanside ( Jennifer Heynen)
  • Grapevine (Ruby Bayan)
  • Stardust (Ania Karolina Kyte)
  • Metamorphosis (Andrew Thornton)
  • Funky Flower (Jennifer Heynen)
  • Beachy Chic (Carol Horan Reesha)
  • Persian Blue (Banu Sekendur)
  • Morning Rays (Pam and Angie Thien)
  • Mile Marker 219 (Annie Hartman Bakken)
  • Kelp (Marianne Pickett)
  • Becky Thatcher (Melinda A. Barta)
  • Wild Violet (Liz Jones)
  • Sun-Kissed (Carol Horan Reesha)
  • Sunset Journey (Mary Tafoya)
  • Cosmos Spiral (Marianne Pickett)
  • Fiesta (Pat Henry)
  • Brilliant Bracelets: 48 Designs!
  • Emerald Ridge (Krista Tseu)
  • River?????s Edge (Lisa Kan)
  • Ancient Ruins (Jess Italia)
  • Prairie Crispix (Annie Hartman Bakken)
  • Wise Woman (Cynthia Thornton)
  • Bubble Berries (Pam and Angie Thien)
  • Buddha?????s Delight (Melisa Pardes)
  • Springy (Amy Boehm)
  • Tropical Silica (Krista Tseu)
  • Coral Cocktail (Melisa Pardes)

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Format: Digital Magazine Single Issue