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Structure and Design of Knitted Hats

From the basics all the way to creating your own hat design, Structure and Design of Knitted Hats with Tanis Gray will help keep everyone's heads warm this winter!

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Structure and Design of Knitted Hats
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Keep your head warm this winter with this video workshop from Interweave Knits!


Learn about circumference measurements and the construction of various types of hats. Explore how to include custom stitch patterns for style and interest, how to decrease for the crown, and the easiest ways to add extra embellishments for the perfect hat.

Structure and Design of Knitted Hats
Available on DVD
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Structure and Design of Knitted Hats with Tanis Gray

Join Tanis as she clearly walks you through every step, from casting on to creating a pompom. Use that special skein of yarn you’ve been holding onto to make a warm, soft hat for yourself or someone special.

With this 82-minute video workshop, you will learn:

  • How to measure heads, and patterns for the perfect match.
  • Why gauge matters (yes, even in hats).
  • Constructing hats from the bottom up, the top down, and even flat.
  • How to incorporate the best stitch pattern for your hat.
  • Techniques for shaping the crown, or top, of hats.
  • How to block a round, 3D project.
  • Adding special finishing touches for the best result.

Whether you are an ambitious beginner or hats are your go-to project, you are sure to perfect your hat knitting skills with this exciting video workshop.


Order or download Structure and Design of Knitted Hats today!

Structure and Design of Knitted Hats: Tanis Gray Bio


Author/Speaker/Editor: Tanis Gray

ISBN 13: 9781620339343


Author/Speaker/Editor: Tanis Gray

ISBN 13: 9781620339343

Customer Reviews

Lovely Designs but Short on Technique Review by Maureen

The design samples and color examples were beautiful but I wish that more time had been spent on the "math" and geometry of the hat designs. I was expecting more of the technical aspects of the construction.

Tanis talked about hiding decreases within patterns but did not really explain how to incorporate the actual decrease stitches into the repeats. She also mentioned gradual decreases versus quick decreases but was not specific in terms of rows and numbers.

While she demonstrated how to block a flat swatch, it would have been helpful to see her block a completed hat so that we could see how the crown is pinned to the blocking board.

(Posted on 10/14/2014)

(Posted on 10/14/2014)

Great Class, Needed More Review by Stefanie

I was very excited to see the ad for this in my inbox this morning and I immediately purchased. Tanis Gray definitely knows what she's doing. The video was clear, well filmed, and Tanis has a great way of explaining things.

This video is for the beginner to intermediate hat knitter. I love knitted hats; I knit a few a month and just started designing my own. I knew that there would be elements in this video that brought me back to basics but that was alright. You learn about measuring a head circumference as well as the importance of gauge (whether you like to admit that or not).

I wish there were a few things that were elaborated on. First of all, I was interested in how to block a 3D item. I was thinking she would show how to block a hat (maybe over a balloon or a head form) instead of just a swatch. I was curious if there was something more to learn about blocking hats.

I was really excited about learning more about decrease techniques but I was left wanting more. It was great seeing the swatches of difference crown decreases...but I don't know what they were! One was the basic swirl which most people know and are familiar with, the other was a double decrease (but which one?) and the third was k2tog ssk. I was hoping to be shown how to incorporate these decreases into a hat. In the video a few beautiful hat examples for the decreases were shown but how were they done? Why were they done? And the mention of a "quick decrease" I was not sure what that meant and if it related to any of the decrease examples shown. Also with "hiding" decreases (as within a cable). I would have loved to seen that as well. These were things I was really hoping were in the video.

Things I loved:
1. Learning to knit a hat lining: I have dabbled with this but learned at least 2 new techniques for doing so.
2. Latvian braid: I was sitting at my computer praying this would be explained and it was! I cannot wait to do this as an embellishment at a hat's brim.
3. Gorgeous hats: Tanis Gray, again, knows what she's doing. Her experience as both knitter and designer truly shows in this video and is definitely inspiring.
4. Finishing a hat and weaving in ends: this is so important. It's so basic, and I've done it countless times but I feel it was still extremely necessary, even if it was just confirmation that I have indeed been doing it "right." I feel that something as novice as weaving in ends should always be touched on.
5. Tanis Gray: she just has an excellent presence, a great way of showing and explaining technique and I have found her to be inspiring.

All in all though, I love this video and I give it 4 out of 5 stars. It was thorough and a nice long 82 minutes that definitely was great even if I felt good information was missing. I am so happy that I purchased this and I HIGHLY recommend it to fellow hat knitters out there. There's lots of great info and inspiration in this video. As for the important things I feel that were left out, I am hoping for a future hat "Master Class" video that could have good material for my unanswered questions.

(Posted on 8/17/2014)

(Posted on 8/17/2014)