Surface Design with Silk Screens Soy Wax Resist & Fabric Manipulation with Ginny Eckley

Here's your ticket to a one-of-a-kind design adventure with fiber artist Ginny Eckley.

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Create beautiful surfaces for your quilt projects!

Fiber artist Ginny Eckley will take you on a surface design adventure using screen printing, soy wax resist, dye, fabric manipulation, and more. Join Ginny and learn to create pleasing artwork that combines a mix of imagery with a balance of abstraction. After an overview of the Workshop and a discussion of design, you'll learn how to create precise images using silk screens. Next, get a variety of methods for using soy wax to soften the imagery and add interest to backgrounds. Soy application techniques covered in this Workshop include using a string-wrapped brayer, wooden blocks, and chip brushes.

Plus, you'll discover how to set off your designs by adding a tranquil mix of pleated patterns, reminiscent of shibori. The pleated patterns provide interest and, like the calming waves of the ocean, they offer a comforting sense of harmony. Learning new techniques is wonderful—and combining new techniques to create art is even better! This is one adventure you won't want to miss.

Silk-screens to create imagery
Thick paints or silkscreen inks
Fabric, preferably silk
Fabric dyes (I use Colorhue instant-set silk dyes.)
Foam brushes or squeegees
Low-tack tape
Pellon® Thermolam® Plus or, washable polyester batting
Tray or pan of water with dish detergent
Sponge and paper towels
Soy wax (Flakes or beads are easiest.)
Skillet or electric frying pan with a lid and temperature dial (dedicated to non food use)
Natural bristle painting brushes
3"–4" natural bristle chip brush
Small rubber bands
Sheets of packing paper to remove wax
Wooden blocks with handle
Setacolor transparent paints
Lumiere® metallic paints
Chip brushes
X-acto® knife and cutting mat
Acrylic paintbrushes
Paint palette

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Ginny Eckley

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781620331217