Susan Lenart Kazmer Enameling DVD Bundle

Get two videos from Susan Lenart Kazmer that show expert enameling techniques! Explore kiln and torch firing methods with this must-have bundle.

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Get this exclusive bundle that features enameling tips for two different firing methods!

Learn how to enamel using two techniques! Join Susan Lenart Kazmer for this bundle offer that shows how to create enamel jewelry using the torch fired technique and kiln firing methods. Both videos explore sgraffito, layer colors, use liquid enamels, and more with different considerations applied depending on your firing method. Learn how torch fired enameling can vary your color outcome, and explore how to create a consistent color look with the kiln.

With Explorations in Jewelry Enameling expect to learn how to:

  • Employ torch-fired enameling tips and tricks, with a bit of kiln work too.
  • Mix your color by adding enamel, crayons, graphite pencils, and stencils to increase your color dimension.
  • Shape your metal and then explore tips for enameling on curved surfaces.
  • Experiment with opaque and transparent enamels, and see various finishes in action, from matte to crackled and beyond with variation only torch firing can present.
  • And much more!

With Further Explorations in Jewelry Enameling, expect to learn:

  • How to enamel using a kiln and take advantage of its convenience, color consistency, and greater temperature control.
  • Avoid and troubleshoot common enameling mishaps.
  • Add etching to your enameling skills via sgraffito, texture crackling, incorporating lustrous mica powder, and more with expert instruction.
  • Achieve basse taille, a low relief technique that creates dimension and contrast.
  • Create custom surface work on enamel – make marks with pencils and enamel crayons, add patterns with rubber stamps, and use organic materials like leaves to impart unique textures.
  • And so much more!

Get two videos for the price of one with this bundle offer!


Format: Bundle


Format: Bundle