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Tablet Weaving Made Easy

John Mullarkey teaches the basics of tablet weaving (or card weaving) on this 120-minute video workshop. Learn techniques for successful weaving, including fixing mistakes, finishing tablet-woven bands, and more.

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tablet weaving made easy DVD
tablet weaving made easy video
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Tablet Weaving Made Easy
with John Mullarkey
Weaving Video Workshop

Imagine a 4-shaft loom you can carry in your pocket! Using the age-old art of tablet weaving (or card weaving), you can create beautifully patterned bands to use as belts, straps, bookmarks, or to embellish other weaving projects. In this video, John Mullarkey teaches everything you need to know to make your own tablet-woven bands:


  • Tablet-weaving tools and materials
  • How to read a tablet-weaving draft
  • How to warp with cards
  • Techniques for successful weaving, including managing selvedges and fixing mistakes
  • How to design your own patterns
  • How to finish your tablet-woven bands
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Tablet weaving is endlessly fascinating: Just turn the cards and watch the patterns emerge. John makes it easy, and his excitement is infectious, so join him and a millennium of weavers in celebrating this ancient art
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This 120-minute weaving workshop is available on 2-disc DVD Set or as a video download in standard or high definition.

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Customer Reviews

I loved it! Review by Michele

I learned card weaving on my own by reading books, which is alright, but surely not as fun as watching this video. John Mullarkey's enthusiasm and passion for card weaving bands comes through. He is an excellent teacher and clarified a lot of things for me. Two thumbs up!

(Posted on 3/19/14)

Great beginnings for tablet weaving Review by Linda

This tutorial inspired me to make my own cards and have a go at designing my own bands.

This is a great starter video and the presenters love and enthusiasm for the process comes across well. The format is both instructional and interesting, wanting one to learn more. and to experiment.

(Posted on 1/1/14)

Great beginner resource! Review by Deborah

I had attempted card weaving a couple of years ago, got bored and stowed my attempts away. This video/book set gave me the impetus to finish a band and weave two more in the space of a week!

(Posted on 12/29/13)

Inspiring and Encouraging! Review by Carrie

The workshop introduces us to the history, plus how to start, weave and finish a band. John encourages exploration of the technique, teasing us with other styles and inspires creativity. Thoroughly enjoyed it. If I could link a photo, it would show my first card woven band. What fun!

(Posted on 12/17/13)

I think I get it now! Review by Maria

I am brand new to tablet weaving and this actually made it understandable. I loved every minute of it with the exception of one thing. While the demos and explanations were amazing, the camera work was a little frustrating. There were a number of times that I really wanted to see the cards and the fell in one frame. The action of one thing having a direct affect on the other...and I am only seeing the pack of cards from the side...The four stars reflects my frustration with the camera work not the content. I watched the video, tried the technique and watched the video again for clarity and I think I get it. I am hooked and see this as the beginning of a wonderful new adventure!

(Posted on 10/12/13)

For beginners Review by Kathryn

A very nice intro to threaded-in tablet weaving. Does not go beyond that one style, however, so if you're somewhat experienced, it's probably not going to give you much. However, if John does expand the course in an upcoming video to explore more advanced styles, I'll certainly buy it.

(Posted on 10/8/13)