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Tags, Flags, and Memories: Dimensional Handmade Books

By Dea Fischer

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  • You would like to learn how to make a memory book
  • You want to learn more about flag books and what they can be used for
  • You want to gather some basic skills & techniques for building handmade books


The flag or tag book is a visually complex style of book with ‘flags’ or tags of paper or card adhered to an accordion spine. When closed, you can leaf through it like any other book, but when fanned open, it puts on a fabulous display of pages. When constructed with two or three layers of flags, the flags cross over each other as they open, creating a visually exciting display.

This flag book form makes a perfect memory book. The fanned pages and roomy binding lend themselves really well to the display of holiday and vacation memorabilia.  Dea has made many different book forms over the years, and returns to this deceptively simple form over and over again for special displays. In this seminar, Dea will lead you step by step through construction of a flag book and build it into a real memory book for that special vacation or holiday.


  • Create a one- or two-layer flag book
  • Learn skills and techniques that can be applied to creating other book forms
  • Explore how to plan your design for most effective display
  • Discover how to find the perfect ephemera
  • Experiment with mixed media decoration
  • Play with colour, pattern and memory to create a memory that will last a lifetime


Perhaps best known for crafting beautiful artist's books, Canadian artist Dea Fischer spreads her creative time between book arts, collage, photography and large public and community art projects. A 15-year career as a lawyer, trainer, and writer in the UK left little time for art. Making a big life change and returning to Canada brought Dea into the creative life she was born to live.  Nowadays, Dea is the conservator for a public library in Alberta and teaches sold out courses in bookbinding, altered books and collage across North America. She has a slow-burning love affair with all things to do with books, collage and low-tech photography. Dea uses her work to meditate on spiritual themes related to our relationship with nature and the natural world, and our internal and external environment. Her work is held in special collections at Yale University and the University of Toronto, and in private collections in Canada, the United States, England and Japan. In her off hours, Dea likes to engage her community in acts of random creation.  




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(Posted on 12/11/13)

wish I could get a refund Review by leaf

I have purchased a lot of online mixed media courses. I was so very very disappointed in this class. I thought it would be a step by step video, what you get is hearing the person and seeing what is sitting on the slide presentation..... I would love to have my money back and now I see it is already on sale. I also could not catch the web air at the correct time and had to wait and wait to get the down load. I had several vacation days and of course I did not get it until I was working again. If all the classes are like this I will not be getting anything from here again.. Any chance at a refund?????

(Posted on 11/28/13)

Disappointing delivery, bad format for talented artist Review by Tina

I love Dea Fisher. Her video on bookmaking by interweave and refocused my creativity. But this webinar was poorly done. You will stare at simplistic Powerpoint slides, which will stay up for 5 minutes or more with 5-6 words on it. By 24 minutes into it, only maybe 5 slides, without even pictures of what we were talking about. You are listening to her DESCRIBE tools. I only stuck around till she started talking about the project, and when the slide hadn't changed beyond the section title slide in over 5 minutes again, I was done. Like most people, I need visuals to go with descriptions of completely new projects.

Dea Fisher rocks. This format does not. I will not buy any more webinars, but I really hope she does more videos or You Tubes it. If you are interested in bookmaking check out her video. She's excellent in her delivery.

(Posted on 11/26/13)