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Taking the Measure of Handspun Yarn (eBook)

The primary joy of spinning for many of us is in the act itself. But there is also great pleasure and satisfaction in taking the yarns we create to their conclusion in well-designed, well-made fabrics.

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The primary joy of spinning for many of us is in the act itself. But there is also great pleasure and satisfaction in taking the yarns we create to their conclusion in well-designed, well-made fabrics. More often than not, this means understanding the properties of our yarns – their twist, their grist, their yards per pound – and how these relate to the finished objects we have in mind. In this important collection of articles from out-of-print issues of Spin-Off, Rita Buchanan provides the methods, tools, and rationale we need to understand our yarns in the way any fine craftsman seeks to understand his or her materials. They bring together the hand and mind in ways that can only help us be better spinners.
Table of Contents
  • Length, Weight, and Grist
  • Thickness
  • Twist
  • How Much Yarn is Enough?

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Rita Buchanan

Format: eBook

Customer Reviews

Great Spinners Think Alike Review by Terry

You know, if you dont try at all, you can produce a relatively simple, meh quality yarn that costs a small fortune if you add in all the incidental costs such as ebooks that should probably be free or next to free. It skyrockets if you look up invest in ways to get fancy.

I agree with one reviewer. I was thinking of buying this but read that it was a collection of published articles. I already own all their SpinOff magazines in digital form so I am not going to duplicate.

Here is my strategy for working with Interweave products:

If you want to buy Interweave products, I find something you want and put it in your shopping cart and sign up for promotions and buy it when you get an email.
If you cannot wait for a sale, then google for 'interweave coupon codes' and many times you will find one that works, but be warned, they sometimes work at first then stop working at the last page, the payment submission page. I've complained very loudly about this, so I hope it gets fixed.
Always buy digital, the shipping will eat up any savings, unless you buy a bulk of DVDs. I did pretty well by getting half off the entire SpinOff collection in download format.
I did the same with all Interweave Crochet products also, as I found that I was buying too many single patterns. Single patterns are about a dollar less than the issue in which they appeared. I ordered these in CD format and paid shipping since there were so many, but I was able to utilize one of the big discount deals, like the 30-50% off. I forget which.

Interweave is expensive if you pay full price and shipping, but you can find a deal. Good luck and I hope they print this!

(Posted on 5/29/13)

How Much? Really? Review by Sharon Vestal

I was about to click on the ''add to cart'' button when I read the rest of the description: a "collection of articles from out-of-print issues of Spin-Off". I may already have (some of) these articles, granted not all in one place, but I''m not going to pay $14.95 for that convenience. If this eBook was $9.99, then I would reconsider buying it.

(Posted on 5/24/10)

Worth It Review by MacKenzie Kim

I had a split second hesitate to buy this. I did read the other reviews. I am new to spinning and in a Master Spinner Program. I have to say I am SO GLAD I downloaded this! I actually wish I had it before I started Level 1, but very glad I have it for Level 2. It saves me time and money trying to track down all these articles and purchase all the magazines and that is if I can find them. Thank you!

(Posted on 4/6/10)

Hmmph! Review by Nancy Glass

Quite simply, the price for Interweave Press ebooks is too high for an ebook, especially for anything fiber. Spinning is, for goodness sake, a tactile most of us are very tactile. Sorry, but if I don''t get to feel the book and paper, cuddle up in a chair with book, etc... I don''t want to pay regular book prices! often is a small book (23 pages?) even worth $14.95! P.S. When is Spin-Off going to get the respect of Knitting or Handwoven and be published every 2 months! Again...I can''t touch or cuddle up with a computer like I can with an actual paper magazine or book!

(Posted on 2/6/10)

Taking the Measure of Handspun Yarn (eBook Review by Gail Ross

I am a weaver whose guild had Rita do a program--she is fantastic and so I clicked on this to learn more. I have to agree that the price, when coupled with the cost of printing and binding, turned me off--I will just go look these articles up in the library. I assigned a low rating in hopes people will read the rest of my review--I''m sure the content is top notch, but you may be losing sales because of the price.

(Posted on 1/27/10)

You''re not giving it a chance! Review by Joe Garrett

It''s really a shame to be this greedy. This may be an amazing (e)book but most people will never know because interweave expects consumers to be ripped off to find out. There is no way in the world a book that you have to print out (and bind if you choose) is worth $15. It''s 23 pages for crying out loud. eBooks will never make it in the market if sellers/distributors think people are going to pay what a bound book cost in a brick and mortar store.

(Posted on 1/26/10)

I agree with the others Review by Sally Carson

I''m a beginning spinner and have just started what I guess you''d consider the next "level" and want measure, weigh and learn about my yarn - go beyond just spinning it and I was thrilled to get this promo in my email - but $14.95 is a bit too high for me for an ebook - more because of the printing - our printer runs out of ink easily and I just can''t justify printing that many pages for $14.95....wish I could, but there does appear to be a tipping point for ebooks - great and valuable content or not....

(Posted on 12/5/09)

Intrigued, but agree with cost assessment reviews Review by Mary Malyszka

I was tempted to pull out my credit card and order this, but after reading the reviews, I have to agree. The cost is way too high for an eBook, particularly if one compares this to 300-400 page novels or non-fiction books that are available for download at less than $10 each. I love Spin-Off Magazine, but would definitely recommend that the marketing/product pricing dept do an analysis of the ''going rate'' for e-book materials.

(Posted on 12/4/09)

Estimating Value Review by Tina Beckett

Please take into consideration that you are paying for the content here, the information and knowledge of the author, which is excellent is the product you are paying for, if the paperless delivery is not to your liking that is certainly your opinion. When I purchase any kind of book the binding, feel of the paper etc. are part of the experience - but ultimately the content is the point. Rita B. certainly delivers on that!

(Posted on 12/3/09)

Spinning Questions & e-books Review by Carol Csengeri

Excellent collection of articles. Pertinent information for a beginning spinner provided in a logical, efficient order. E-books in general work very well for people like me who live 100 Kms from a book store & would have to pay shipping plus the cost of the book. Not to mention that having it was immediate - no waiting!

(Posted on 12/2/09)

E-books are rip offs at the price Review by Joanne Fischer

At this price (14.95) this 20+ page unprinted book of reprints is a rip off. I purchased the sock book and found that it would cost me an additional $20 to have it printed at the local copy store. A waste.

(Posted on 12/2/09)

Taking the Measure of Handspun Yarn Review by Lucille Reilly

I haven''t seen this yet. I have only seen the price. $14.95 for only 23 pages, as an e-book where I have to provide the paper? You''ve GOT to be kidding. That''s a lot more than any single magazine Interweave offers. I''ll consider it when the price is a lot more reasonable in light of the number of pages.

(Posted on 12/2/09)