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Tanis Gray Webinar + Knitting Architecture Book Bundle

Bundle Tanis Gray's All About Fiber webinar and learn which yarn will best suit your next project, then dive into her structural knitwear showcased in the book Knitting Architecture.

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tanis gray bundle

Understand the form, function, and detail in your knitwear with this exclusive bundle!


Combine Tanis Gray's webinar All About Fiber to learn about yarn composition, dyeing methods, and make the right choice for your next knitted project. Then, take these skills you've learned and dive into structural design with Tanis Gray's Knitting Architecture book. With this bundle, you'll have both resources at your fingertips.


This bundle includes:

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all about fiber webinar


Join Tanis for this informative fiber

webinar and arm yourself with the

knowledge you need to improve

the quality of your knitting.

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All About Fiber

Webinar with Tanis Gray


Making yarn and fiber choices relies heavily on what type of garment you're knitting, what climate you live in, what stitch you're planning, and even what finishings such as buttons or fasteners you'd like to use on your piece. With this knitting webinar, Tanis will discuss which fiber to use for not only your projects, but for your exact stitches, so your knitwear will look great and last.


This knitting webinar will cover a variety of fibers and the benefits of each. You'll also learn about yarn and fiber's sustainability regarding how it's made or dyed, including why some yarns hold dye much better than others. Tanis will discuss how to dye fiber and yarn in your own kitchen versus commercial dyeing, and the benefits and drawbacks to each.


So, what happens if you run into a pattern you love but disagree with the yarn the pattern calls for and want to change yarns? Tanis will emphasize the importance of swatching for gauge measurements so you can swap out yarns and fibers based on your personal choices. She'll explain how when you're armed with the correct information swapping out yarns can be easy.


This knitting webinar will also inform knitters about the proper care for knitwear based on fiber content. You'll learn how to correctly plan and finish your work, how to best block each fiber, and more.

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knitting architecture  

Knitting Architecture: 20 Patterns Exploring Form, Function, and Detail
by Tanis Gray

Knitters will explore the true foundations of knitting design: construction, form, function, stability, and ornamentation.


The parallels between knitting a sweater and constructing a building seem obvious when considered. Sweaters suspend from yokes and shoulders; vertical planes are shaped to provide fit and allow movement; necklines, sleeves, and hems are adapted for specific purposes. Stitch patterns and textures elaborate design themes, and new and unusual materials can be used to striking effect.


Tanis Gray has curated a collection of 20 designs from some of today’s most innovative designers, all inspired by architectural themes. From accessories based on art-nouveau ironwork to a sweater that mimics Bauhaus style to a dress based on Greek sculpture, Knitting Architecture celebrates design through history.

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This bundle, exclusive to the Knitting Daily Shop, arms you with knowledge you need to produce high-quality knitwear and 20 designs that celebrate structural, functional knitting.


Grab this bundle today while supplies last!



Author/Speaker/Editor: Tanis Gray

Format: Bundle


Author/Speaker/Editor: Tanis Gray

Format: Bundle