The 1718 Coverlet

Discover the oldest know coverlet in the world block by block in this fascinating book.

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The 1718 Coverlet

69 Quilt Blocks from the Oldest Dated British Patchwork Coverlet

by Susan Briscoe

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If you love traditional quilting, you will be delighted with this book about the earliest dated piece of British patchwork – the 1718 coverlet.
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It features a comprehensive block directory of every block on the coverlet alongside instructions, traditional and modern, showing you how to recreate each block. You will learn about the discovery of the coverlet and how a replica was painstakingly reproduced using the original techniques.
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The 1718 coverlet is the earliest known British patchwork that has a date worked into the piece and as such can be used as a benchmark against which all other rare survivors of early eighteenth-century patchwork can be compared. It was purchased from the Browns of Aldbourne, Wiltshire; a gentry farming family, which has been established in north Wiltshire in the UK since the seventeenth century.
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The coverlet was made using the Mosaic patchwork technique - a time consuming method requiring the use of paper for templates. Some of the paper templates still remain in the coverlet and provide tantalizing glimpses of printed and hand written text including bills, letters and printed text as well as hand drawn designs for the quilt.
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Almost all the fabrics are dress fabrics, the majority of which show signs of previous use. There are over 120 different fabrics used and the oldest has been identified as being from the 1640s. The coverlet itself is being exhibited at the Quilt Museum in the City of York in the UK at an exhibition to coincide with the publication of the book.

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