The Art of Handmade Books Ultimate Collection

Mixed Media artists eat your heart out with this comprehensive collection of resources for building beautiful handmade books.

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The Art of Handmade Books Ultimate Collection

Looking to make your own page turners?


Create your own books, journals, and more from a variety of materials and techniques with The Art of Handmade Books Ultimate Collection. This convenient bundle offers a wide variety of perspectives on the art of bookbinding, so you're sure to find a style and method you love. Not only does this collection include the instructions and projects you'll need to get started on your books and journals, but it also includes important supplies you'll need to create your mixed-media masterpieces. On top of this bundle, you'll also receive a one month free trial of Craft Daily--so what're you waiting for?

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You’ll save over 45% on the premium collection that includes:

Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES, Vol 3    

Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES, Vol 3 Digital Edition



Become the craftiest of bookmakers when you explore Cloth Paper Scissors PAGES, Volume 3! Discover new techniques and projects for book making and art journaling adventures. Dive into 148 pages with recycled covers, creative bindings, and plenty of ideas for inside pages and art journaling.

Bound & Beautiful: One-of-a-Kind Handmade Books (eBook)  

Bound & Beautiful: One-of-a-Kind Handmade Books



Never before has the centuries-old pastime of bookmaking been infused with such vibrant life and ingenuity as it has in the hands of these Cloth Paper Scissors’ authors! From dedicated bookmakers and eccentric artists to creative world-travelers wanting to capture memories away, you’ll find a 54 page-long treasure trove of valuable information, how-to’s, and inspiration.

Backgrounds to Bindings: Beautifully easy handmade books and art journals  

Backgrounds to Bindings

Video Download


Create “juicy backgrounds” and a plethora of different no-sew bindings for your handmade books in this nearly 2-hour long Cloth Paper Scissors workshop! Masterful artist and book-binding genius Kari McKnight-Holbrook takes you through each step, including creating your own stamps made from flip flops to use in your book, developing a color hue for your backgrounds, and using rubber bands, paintbrushes, ribbon, and more to bind it all together!

Handmade Book Essentials  

Handmade Book Essentials



Artist’s books have become a wonderfully varied source of creative expression. The styles artists and craftspeople dream up to create in the form of a book seem limitless. In truth, however, every artist’s book falls essentially into one of three classic forms or categories. Once you learn these basic forms, each can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Join Dea Fischer and learn how to construct each of the three basic forms to enable you to start creating. The only limit is your imagination.




Re-Bound shows you how to take everyday materials from around the house, flea markets, thrift stores, and hardware stores, and turn them into clever and eye-catching hand-bound books. Instead of asking, “What can I make a book out of,” you will be thinking, “What can’t I make a book out of?”

Craft Daily  

Craft Daily

One Month Free

With over 200 craft videos (and counting), you'll never run out of inspiration, ideas & instruction. Make something new today!

Plus, these bookmaking and bookbindings supplies:
pH Neutral Adhesive Waxed Linen Thread Bone Folder BBH Heavy Duty Awl

pH Neutral Adhesive

8 oz bottle

Waxed Linen Thread

Package of 3

Bone Folder BBH Heavy Duty Awl
Create handmade books from recycled materials, and practice your stitching technique with side-stitched books and journals. Together, Pages Magazine Volume 3, Bound & Beautiful, Backgrounds to Bindings, Handmade Book Essentials, and Re-Bound offer plenty of inspiration and projects to fuel your book making aspirations.
Order your kit today to start creating your own handmade books!

SKU: T0566

Format: Kit

SKU: T0566

Format: Kit