The Art of Whimsical Lettering

Combine personal handwriting, drawing and doodling to create your own signature art lettering style. Let author Joanne Sharpe inspire you with her personal lettering journal and illustrate how to incorporate your new font styles into your artwork.

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The Art of Whimsical Lettering

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The Art of Whimsical Lettering is an artful instruction book perfect for those looking to learn how to create a font. Not only does author Joanne Sharpe show you how to create exuberant and personalized lettering styles, but she also explores how these fonts can be incorporated into a variety of art projects.
You'll find plenty of helpful information in this illustrative book:
  • Which tools and surfaces are ideal for creating lettering styles
  • Take a peek into Joanne's personal lettering journal for inspiration
  • Utilize 15 basic alphabets to help in creating fonts
  • Joanne demonstrates 20 techniques for creating whimsical lettering
  • Included inspirational sample quotes can be used to practice newfound art lettering knowledge
Though exploring the art of making your own fonts is at the heart of this book, there is also a plethora of inspiration, ideas, encouragement, examples, and more to fuel your lettering experiences. Discover your own personal lettering style and let it influence your artwork!
Table of Contents


Introduction: Finding Your Inner Font

CH. 1: The Whimsical Lettering Studio

CH. 2: The Letter Love Inspiration Journal

CH. 3: Artful Letter Play

CH. 4: Artistic Alphabets

CH 5: Art & Letters

CH. 6: Inspired Words & Whimsy


About the Author

Joanne Sharpe is a renowned mixed-media artist and enthusiastic teacher with a passion for art journaling, lettering, doodling, and illustration. Joanne’s playful art has been featured in the popular publications Cloth Paper Scissors, Studios, Somerset Art Journaling, and more. She was also featured in the Art Journaling Exposed eMag and stars in the DVD Artful Lettering. Joanne resides in Rochester, New York.


Author/Speaker/Editor: Joanne Sharpe

File/Trim Size: 8.5" x 10.25"

Format: Paperback

ISBN 13: 9781620330746

Number Of Pages: 136

Customer Reviews

A Wonderful Place to Start Review by Deb

I just got this and read the whole thing. I love Joanne's artwork. I'm also going to take an online class from the author as added incentive. The book provides a simple, encouraging approach that you can act on right away. However, like all new skills, she does emphasize that it will take an investment of time in practice, practice, practice. Enjoy the book!

(Posted on 5/17/14)

Find your inner font! Review by Susan

If you’re an artist who wants to explore ways to add whimsical lettering styles to your artwork then you’re going to love this book. In her introduction Joanne writes about finding your inner font and transforming your own handwriting as the base to create your own whimsical lettering style. After all she writes “your handwriting is your identity, it is as much a part of who you are as your voice, your laugh and your walk”. Her goal with this book is to empower the reader to find confidence in their own handwriting and through the use of her techniques and lots of practice, develop a signature lettering style.

In the first chapter, you’ll find a overview of the tools that Joanne uses including pens, markers, inks, paintbrushes, foils, gel mediums and of course paper. The core of this book, chapters 2 through 4, is packed with examples, tips, suggestions and step by step instructions to guide the reader as they create they’re own lettering styles. Chapter three focusses on techniques using pens, makers and paint to transform your handwriting into art and in chapter 4 Joanne shares 15 different alphabets that she’s created and shows you how to use them as a jumping off point for creating your own whimsical alphabets. Chapter 5 includes a ton of samples from Joanne’s artwork so you can see how she incorporates whimsical lettering into her work beyond the pages of her journals and in the final chapter of the book Joanne shares some of her favorite quotations and the artwork inspired by them.

There is no lack of visual eye candy in this book. In fact there’s not one page in it that doesn’t have Joanne’s beautiful artwork on it but there’s more to this book than just visual inspiration. There’s an incredible amount of instruction and encouragement in it’s pages for the reader to draw upon while learning how to develop their own whimsical lettering style.

(Posted on 4/27/14)

Well organized Review by Josephine

When I read that there were only 139 pages, I thought no big deal. But then I opened my book and saw all the wonderful illustrations. This book is loaded with illustrations, how to information, and well organized guidance to creating art journals. Kudos to Joanne Sharpe for compiling, organizing and writing this wonderful book.

(Posted on 3/26/14)

Fantastic reference book for doodling Review by Debra

The book is very colorful and informative. Joanne does a great job of encouraging the artist to find her own style and font. She offers ideas and techniques to help you reach your doodling dreams.
There are plenty of samples, tips and techniques that will utilize the tools you have in your supply stash.
The book is just a feast for the eyes. I'm very happy with both my e-book and softcover book both.

(Posted on 3/26/14)

This instruction book should be rated at least 10 stars. Review by Haroldine

Joanne Sharpe besides being an incredible instructor she is all giving. I have been painting for nearly 50 years and have purchased many art instruction books - this book is by far the very best. I am blessed to have "met" Joanne thru my daughter, Julia, who was in a workshop setting with Joanne. .

(Posted on 3/26/14)

Inspiration goes on and on Review by Cheryl

There are so many great ideas in this book! It starts with an overview of tools such as pens, markers, paints, brushes and papers. Then there are instructions of how to make a simple and inexpensive inspiration journal. Next are tons of ideas on how to turn your own handwriting into art, with step by step instructions and helpful tips. There are examples of artistic alphabets with techniques on how to create your own versions. And there are samples of Joanne Sharpe's own art for inspiration. All in all, one of the best books on the subject I've ever seen. Highly recommended!

(Posted on 3/25/14)

You will love this book! Review by Mischa

this book is great for the beginner and for the accomplished. joanne provides so many examples, suggestions and how-to instructions that you just can't get it wrong. you will enjoy the colorful pages, the many art prompts and the way she lays out the book to keep you engaged and wanting more. joanne really delivers in this fantastic book!!

(Posted on 3/25/14)

More than 5 stars!! Review by Christi

This book is absolutely amazing! It's beautifully done, fun to read, easy to follow, and extremely informative! I love Joanne Sharpe's relaxed, encouraging way of teaching. Her artwork makes me happy and is truly inspiring! She brings the joy of creating to life in this incredible book!

(Posted on 3/22/14)

Great ideas, beautiful color and lettering. Review by Karen

I love lettering and Joanne makes if come to life. She helps you to make your own. Awesome book

(Posted on 3/22/14)

Delightfully Fun Review by Paige

Joanne's new book The Art of Whimsical Lettering is beautifully designed and put together in a perfect layout to get you quickly on your way to learning the gift of artful lettering! Her FaceBook lessons are an additional plus as we develop community in the "classroom" while following Joanne's prompts in this forum!

(Posted on 3/22/14)

Wonderful and Easy to follow Review by Linda

I pre-ordered the book and received the e-book for free. I couldn't wait to scour the pages. It was very informative and easy to follow. I've ordered other books about lettering and usually they either are very rigid or structured in how to form the different styles of lettering or they are too confusing or abstract and leave me confused. However, this book is perfect because it teaches you how to incorporate different styles into your own handwriting style which does two things: 1) it makes it very easy to learn because you don't have to relearn how to letter different styles and 2)because it incorporates your own handwriting style you create your own unique lettering AND you feel successful - not frustrated! It is a great book for beginners and probably can teach lettering experts a thing or two as well. Definitely recommend!!

(Posted on 3/7/14)

Love it! Review by Dee

I like the way the book is set up, all the great ideas and the different alphabet she has included. It gave me the incentive to start working with my lettering again and start a journal.

(Posted on 3/5/14)