The Artful Bird Feathered Friends to Make + Sew

Create your own aviary of charming, beautifully detailed, one-of-a-kind fabric bird sculptures with basic machine- and hand sewing, embroidery, and mixed-media craft techniques.

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Join the flock!

Create your very own aviary of charming, beautifully detailed, one-of-a-kind fabric sculptures with basic machine- and hand sewing, embroidery, and mixed-media craft techniques. Artist Abigail Patner Glassenberg, celebrated for her charming, quirky, personality-filled birds, presents 16 incredibly creative projects, as well as a gallery of birds from other noted fabric bird makers. In The Artful Bird, learn how to make dignified owls, friendly wrens, an elegant flamingo or a swooping crane in flight from the set of step-by-step basic birdmaking techniques and tips. Abigail also offers an array of creative ideas to give each bird individual character and personality and an amazingly lifelike, yet handcrafted appearance. Careful instructions and how-to photographs for the entire process with help beginners and more advanced crafters build successful, appealing birds.

Table of Contents
Tools & Materials
Basic Birdmaking Techniques
    -Fabric Selection
    -Stitching Methods
    -Turning & Stuffing
    -Wire Legs and Feet
    -Beaks & Eyes
    -Wings and Tails

Bird Ornament
Bird in a Nest
Mini Assemblage
Wading Bird
Hen with Eggs

Profiles and Gallery
Birds by Abigail Brown, Tamar Mogendorff, Jennifer Muskopf, Ann Wood
About the Author
Abigail Patner Glassenberg has been making award-winning soft toys and soft sculptures since 2005.  She has made more than 100 birds of every variety, selling them in galleries, boutiques, craft shows, and online.  Her work has also been featured in magazines including Cloth Paper Scissors and in sewing, craft, and soft sculpture books.  She lives in Welleseley, Massachusetts.
 "A delightful find...These beautiful birds are ingeniously crafted." – Sew Hip magazine
"This amazing book is incredibly thorough and breaks down the process of making fabric birds in a really accessible way." – Kathleen Richardson,
"I know that I have raved about various sewing books here before and I love telling you about awesome finds. But I will let you know right here and right now that this particular book is one that you just HAVE TO HAVE! If you even remotely love birds in any way, shape, or form this book will just blow you away." – Small Town Living
"A fascinating book on learning to create three-dimensional birds with a variety of fabrics and stitchwork." – Detroit News
"The Artful Bird is so much fun...I defy you to pick it up without wanting to make a few of your own feathered friends!" – Mark Lipinski, host, Creative Mojo
"144 pages of bird sewing goodness!" – Craft Gossip
"Abby’s soft sculpture birds are gorgeous, filled with personality and often made with vintage fabrics." – Paige Lewin, CBS Boston
"This is a beautiful book...These birds are so expressive – and with 16 different birds, from a hen+chick to a penguin to a flamingo, there's a project there for just about every 'level of challenging.'" – Austen Gilliland,
"Utterly delightful." – Samantha Cotterill, mummysam
"Quirky poses and personalities make these adorable sculpted birds fun to sew and impossible to resist!" – Crafter’s Choice Book Club
"I was blown away by the intricate work that goes into each bird...not only does this book capture them beautifully in photograph, but gives you the opportunity to see how they are made." – Cary Walker, little love blue
"Totally amazing. Each of the birds has a unique personality (I especially love the lark, owl, and flamingo), and Abby's projects are the perfect pick-me-up when you're fighting the winter blahs." – Stefanie Berganini,
"This book thrills me to bits! Abigail covers everything and I mean EVERYTHING you need to know to make a fascinating and beautiful flock of your own." – Rashida Coleman-Hale,
"The book intrigued me, so I decided to try my hand at bird making...and I had a blast. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I had no trouble cutting and using the pattern pieces, and the directions were very easy to follow." – Barb Delaney,
"A book filled with projects for sewing amazing birds from all sorts of different materials." – Tiny Apartment Crafts
"Abby is a wonderful teacher and makes beautiful soft sculptures, which makes for a pretty fantastic author of a pretty fantastic book." – Meg Spaeth,
"This book would give the serious crafter a great foundation for making Artful Birds, but also has the ability to sensibly guide the newbie crafter into being a successful Soft Sculptor." – Connie Kogler, Birds O’ The Morning
"A really accessible how-to book on how to make bird sculptures...It’s also a great general introduction to making soft sculptures." – Mimi Tsang,
"A wonderful collection." – Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood,
"Absolutely amazing, right?! You’ll also find an excellent section on materials and techniques – very well illustrated and explained. This is definitely a book for crafty bird-lovers." – Jhoanna Monte,
"If my birds turn out like these, I'll be ecstatic!” - Deborah Schlegel, Art Threads
"This smashing crafts book is about making soft sculptures, 16 in all, of different birds, some lifelike, others deliberately fantastic. " -  Booklist
“ This is a beautiful book.... these birds are so expressive.   With 16 different birds,  from a hen+chick to a penguin to a flamingo,  there's a project there for just about every ‘level of challenging’." - Austen Gilliland,
 “I love how these projects really help you use up a lot of your scrap fabric,  extra craft supplies,  and vintage goodies.” – Natalie Zee, editor, CRAFT
"Abby Glassenberg's soft sculptures and assemblages of birds are totally amazing.  Each of the birds has a unique personality (I especially love the lark, owl and flamingo), and Abby's projects are the perfect pick-me-up when you're fighting the winter blahs." -  Stefanie Berganini,
"The Artful Bird has technique to make a variety of hand sewn birds that would be a sweet addition to any home or a great gift for friends." -
“The Artful Bird is a book with gorgeous designs and outstanding presentation to make it one of the best sewing books about birds around.   It's a book that teaches how to make 16 different birds that are full of character and artistry.” - Crescendoh

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Abigail Patner Glassenberg

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596682382

Number Of Pages: 144

Customer Reviews

The Artful Bird Review by Linda Lanese

I've always been fascinated with Ann Wood

(Posted on 2/25/11)

Oddly meditative, heartbreaking and rewarding Review by Claire Kelly

I was given this book as a late Christmas present from my mum (thanks mum!). I received it just over 2 weeks ago and I have made 3 birds and started 4 more. I don't know what it is about birds that captures our imaginations so strongly but the second I had this in my hands I felt an urgency to start making them. I have made a wren and two chicks - I have linked the flickr album below. There were a few things I have learned so far that I would want to share about the instructions. You are better off cutting a much larger seam allowance than required and then trim them back. This gives you more fabric to hold on to when stitching around the curves. In fact it is probably worthwhile blowing up the pattern on a photocopier and making your first bird or two a little larger. Rather than using freezer paper to cut the patterns, trace them directly onto iron-on interfacing, for the pieces that need interfacing - the three step process allows too much room to make errors. And be creative about the feet and beaks. You might find that the wire legs aren't for you (I'm going to keep experimenting!). I love this book and I will keep making more birds. Wonderful!

(Posted on 2/21/11)