The Beaded Edge 2 More Inspired Designs for Crocheted Edges and Trims

Add the perfect bead-embellished touch to your designs with crocheted edges and trims.

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Add the perfect embellishment to your designs!
A sequel to the best-selling book, The Beaded Edge, this guide will teach you—and beaders and crocheters alike—how to add personal touches to a wide variety of fabric projects using gorgeous edges and embellishments. With The Beaded Edge 2 you'll explore Traditional Turkish oya, the delicate edgings for fabric that are created using thread, knots, and beads. Designer Midori Nishida was fascinated by these edgings, and created a series of them based on traditional motifs of flowers, fruit, leaves and vines, and geometric designs such as scallops or stars.

The Beaded Edge 2 offers step-by-step instructions for 18 edgings, along with inspirational photos showing their use as trims for clothing, accessories, and home furnishing. Exploring everything from the history behind this unique technique to beautiful projects for home and wardrobe, The Beaded Edge 2 gives you everything you need to master the art of Turkish oya.
Table of Contents
Spring and Summer
-Gentle Cherry Blossoms
-Tiny Little Cherries
-Fresh German Chamomile Flowers
-Bashful Little Roses
-My Precious Strawberries
-Sweet-Colored Sugar Candies
-Summer-Colored Pincushion Flowers
-Fanciful Butterflies
-Popping Soap Bubbles
-Spring Mimosa

Traditional Turkish Patterns
-Soothing Chamomile
-Bright and Lively Scallops
-Turkish Belly Dance
-Little Bird That Eats Red Fruit
-Yachts on the Waves
-Sun-Soaked Flower Garden
-Dancing Fans

For Beginners: T Shirt Collection
-Lily of the Valley

Story of Oya
-History: Turkish Edgings (Oya)
-A Report from Turkey: A Journey in Search of Oya

Instructions: Let's Crochet Beaded Edgings?
-The ABC's of Edging with Beads: Process Instructions: Raspberries
-Materials and Tools
-For the Advanced: Process Instructions: My Beloved Strawberries
-For the Intermediate: Process Instructions: Soothing Chamomile
-Instructions of All Designs
About the Author

Midori Nishida is a professional craft artist. Deeply moved by an exhibition of Turkish embroideries and oya, she was inspired to create her own line of crafts to introduce Boncuk oya to Japan and make the art accessible for today's crafters. In partnership with CRK Design, Midori continues to study and perfect the art of beaded edgings.

CRK Design is a partnership of six designers specializing in design, production, and books. Their first design project for a craft magazine led to more craftmaking and design. They are co-authors, with Midori Nishida, of The Beaded Edge.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Midori Nishida & CRK Design

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596685598

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