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The Best of Fall Mixed Media Bundle

Experience fall fun times four with this exclusive downloadable bundle!

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The Best of Fall Mixed Media Bundle
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Celebrate four years of fall with CPS!

Get inspired for autumn four times over with this exclusive downloadable bundle. Together, CPS September/October 2008, CPS September/October 2009, CPS September/October 2010, and CPS September/October 2011 will get you going for fall and Halloween.


Editorial Director Jenn Mason encourages you to get excited for fall: “Have fun in the studio with these three Fall issues and get ready to spend days creating your art space. Whether you work in the corner of a guest room, in a barn out back, or the dining room table, these three issues will have you celebrating the season the best way possible—with art!”

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You’ll save 40% on the limited-time bundle that includes:


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 Cloth Paper Scissors September/October 2011

Digital Magazine Issue


 Cloth Paper Scissors September/October 2010

Digital Magazine Issue

In this fall issue of CPS, make mixed-media mosaics, carve a reduction print, print a cyanotype journal with the help of the sun, and more.  

Go to the dark side with our fall and Halloween inspired projects including an Artist Profile of one of my favorite artists, Ann Wood. Enjoy the feature on her work with spiders and owls.

—Jenn Mason

CPS September/October 2009   CPS September/October 2008

Cloth Paper Scissors September/October 2009 

Digital Magazine Issue


Cloth Paper Scissors  

September/October 2008 

Digital Magazine Issue

In this issue we celebrate Halloween and all of its frighteningly funny glory. Learn about artful Halloween, find results from our Charm Swap, make roller stamps for backgrounds, and more.  

 Wonder what I was doing before I was editorial director? I was writing articles for Cloth Paper Scissors, of course! This issue has one of my most requested articles called The Workshop: Sticking it together. Learn about all the ways to make your artwork pieces stick together.

—Jenn Mason

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CPS September/October 2010

                                                                                     Plaster pumpkins by Leslie Brier


Get all these great mixed-media resources instantly with this limited time digital bundle. Save 40% when you download today!

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