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Learn how to successfully teach online art classes and workshops with this web seminar from Jodi Ohl. Expand your art business, learn new networking techniques, and more.
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  • You want to teach online art classes and workshops
  • You want to know how to expand your art business
  • You want to expand your networking techniques for a successful business


Online teaching is exploding onto the educational scene in a huge way over the last several years.  The opportunity to reach a worldwide audience has caused many artists to consider and/or pursue online teaching as an additional resource for income and growth in their creative career. The opportunity has a huge potential for the right teacher, but sometimes getting started can seem tricky or overwhelming. Join Jodi Ohl for insight into how to start this process in a simple, clear way!

Learn the basics of how to get started teaching online workshops as well as how to keep your students coming back for class after class. Avoid pitfalls of not being prepared while maximizing your exposure through social media and a variety of networking techniques.

Jodi Ohl has taught over 12 online classes in the last four years as well as participated in collaborative online workshops such as Lifebook 2012, 21 Secrets, and the upcoming Soul Food. In total she has taught well over 1000 students around the world. She will share with you the basics of getting started teaching online workshops and you’ll learn tips that will not only save you time, but also help you lead successful workshops reaching a diverse and expansive audience.


  • How to structure and create successful online  classes
  • Explore the benefits of online teaching versus in person teaching
  • Uncover clear steps to getting started teaching online
  • Discover how to network and use social media to promote your classes
  • Learn how to engage your students and keep them coming back for more classes
  • Explore options for teaching and managing your own network versus working with collaborative partners online


Jodi Ohl is a full-time mixed media artist and instructor, who favors unique color combinations, texture, and a sense of humor in her creative endeavors. A resident of NC and mother of two boys, her inspiration comes from many places but is rooted in a sense of community, family, relationships and overall positive empowerment found from living a creative life.  Jodi’s art has been published in over 18 publications and is collected around the world. She currently teaches workshops around the East Coast and runs 12 online classes.  

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