The Encaustic Studio A Wax Workshop in Mixed-Media Art

Learn innovative techniques from expert encaustic artist Daniella Woolf and revolutionize your art with wax.
Paperback + DVD

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In The Encaustic Studio award-winning encaustic artist Daniella Woolf shares her groundbreaking techniques and ideas in working with encaustic, a highly-versatile and popular mixed-media technique that unifies and brings all elements together. Inside this essential resource, you’ll discover a thorough introduction to materials and methods, pigment exploration, sculptural techniques, and incorporating found objects.

Daniella also teaches you how to compose encaustic art by layering such techniques as collage, stenciling, masking, pigmenting, and image transfers into wax, as well as how to fuse the layers with heat. You’ll be inspired by a broad selection of projects and progress into extending the myriad of possibilities using encaustic techniques. The versatility of encaustic is enhanced and beautifully illustrated throughout the book.

Also included in the book is a tremendously interesting and helpful one-hour bonus DVD showcasing Daniella’s expert teaching and the book’s extensive techniques.
Table of Contents
Introduction A Mixed-Media Dream Come True
Tools + Materials
Studio Practice + Creativity
Fundamentals of Encaustic Painting

-Toner-Based Images
-Parchment Paper
-Rub-On Type
-Drawn Images
-Wax-Free Transfer
-Paper and Carbon Paper
-Joss Paper, Metal Leaf, and Metallic Foil

Lines + Edges
-Painter’s Tape, Incise and Fill, and Wax Stylus Pen
-Pigment Sticks
-Pencils and Wax-Based Crayons

-Paper and Die-Cut Shapes
-String as a Collage Element
-Fabrics, Fibers, and Plants
-Powdered Pigment on Paper or Medium
-India Ink
-Cast and Pour 3-D Shapes
-Pour a Level Wax Surface
-Texture and Color Combined

A Day with Your Collage
Mom’s Recipes
True Grid
Shredded Love Letters
Distorted Image
Birth Celebration
Layers of Color Collage
Sail Away Boats


About the Author
Daniella Woolf has worked in fiber, collage, jewelry and metalsmithing, and installation and encaustic art. She teaches for R&F handmade Paints and WaxWorksWest and conducts workshops around the world. She wrote the book and produced the DVD Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility. Daniella’s work has been widely exhibited and published. She lives in Santa Cruz, California.
"I got to see the very first copy and it's wonderful...and....comes with a DVD.  Daniellas art with wax is so interesting and so different and you can learn all her tips and tricks...of which there are her book." - Suze Weinberg Blog
"I don't usually do this, but I am about to gush over a new technique book.  The Encaustic Studio: A Wax Workshop in Mixed-Media Art by Daniella Woolf is simply the best, most comprehensive, and most inspiring book on encaustic art techniqueshave ever seen--and a video comes with it, to boot."- Cate Prato, online editor,

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Daniella Woolf

Format: Paperback + DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596683907