The GREAT Gelli and Deli Printmaking Kit

Get all the resources you need to start Gelli® printing!

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THe Great Gelli and Deli Kit


With the GREAT Gelli & Deli kit you’ll get everything you need to get great gelli printing results in your artwork!

This great GREAT Gelli & Deli kit provides plenty of resources to get started in gelatin printing. Learn exciting and innovative techniques straight from the cofounder of Gelli® Arts Joan Bess in her newly released book Gelli® Plate Printing. In addition to this exciting new release, you'll also receive four DVDs on printmaking, one digital magazine, and three art supplies to get started including the Gelli® Arts Gel Printing Plate .

If you’re new to Gelli Arts® Gel Plate printing, this is the perfect resource to get started! Once you have the supplies it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Roll a layer of paint onto the Gelli® Plate.
  2. Draw in the paint, use a stencil, add a different color, stamp in the paint—add texture using any of your favorite techniques!
  3. Put a piece of deli paper face down on the Gelli® Plate, press over the surface carefully but firmly, then pull back the paper to reveal the print.

You can print right on the deli paper, or on any papers you have on hand to create your own unique designs! Experiment with any design you can imagine—with 500 sheets of deli paper included in this kit, you’ll have plenty to work with. You can use your prints as finished pieces, or cut, tear, and arrange them to use in collage. When you adhere deli paper to collage with clear medium, the paper all but disappears and leaves just the printed design for a beautiful build-up of layers.


Take an look at each of the resources you’ll get with the GREAT Gelli & Deli Printmaking Kit:

  Gelli® Plate Printing

This is the first book ever to hit the market completely dedicated to Gelli® Plate printing! Author Joan Bess, co-founder of Gelli® Gel Printing Plate, fills the book with excellent Gelli® printing techniques that beginners and experienced printmakers will be sure to have a blast while pushing themselves to explore and experiment.
Paint, Print, Layer, Collage  

Paint, Print, Layer, Collage

Embark on a personal journey to layered collage with the one-of-a-kind mixed-media artist Margaret Applin. In simple and approachable steps, Margaret explains the process for creating personal imagery for printing and layering in collage, mostly using supplies you already have!

 Layering with Stencils  

Layering with Stencils


Add fun designs and patterns to your art! Experience the versatility of stencil art in this Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop. Learn how to manipulate stencils, as well as an assortment of techniques from expert Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

 Backgrounds to Bindings  

Backgrounds to Bindings


Create “juicy backgrounds” and a plethora of different no-sew bindings for your handmade books in this nearly 2-hour long Cloth Paper Scissors workshop! Masterful artist and book-binding genius Kari McKnight-Holbrook takes you through each step, including creating your own stamps made from flip flops to use in your book, developing a color hue for your backgrounds, and using rubber bands, paintbrushes, ribbon, and more to bind it all together!

 Mixed-Media Collage Working in Layers  

Mixed-Media Collage: Working in Layers


Cloth Paper Scissors Editor Jenn Mason guides you through the principles of backgrounds, middle grounds, and foregrounds as they relate to mixing monoprints and collage. Learn tips for successful printmaking sessions, including how working in a series will strengthen your work, how to lengthen your working time, and how to print in layers. This DVD contains many useful techniques that you can immediately start working into your own art.


Cloth Paper Scissors, March/April 2013



In this issue, artist Jodi Ohl will teach you how to use Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate to get out of a creative rut. Follow her step-by-step demonstrations for printmaking collages that will leave you coming back for more. Also in this issue you’ll create sculptures with meaning, specially shaped and quick-and-easy journals, how to make a necklace from a necktie, exciting twists on paint and collage, and so more!

 Speedball Art 4 Inch Acrylic Brayer  

Speedball Art 4 Inch Acrylic Brayer

Art Supply

A brayer roller is a small roller with a handle. You can use it when printmaking to make repeating patterns or to apply ink, gel, or paint to fabric, paper, or a printing block. This brayer is top-of-the line and easy to use and clean. You’ll find many uses and it will last through many printings and applications.

 Gel Printing Plates 8 x 10 Inches  

Gelli® Arts Gel Printing Plate 8 x 10 Inches

Art Supply

When you're in the mood to print, the Gelli Arts printing plates are ready for you to use! Not only are they easy to clean, they are easy to take care of. Store them at room temperature and use them over and over again

Logan Wrap- Sized Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper  

Logan Wrap-Sized Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper

Art Supply

With 500 sheets per box, this Logan brand deli paper is perfect for your gelli & deli printing needs! The sheets are interfolded, so the next piece pops right up—no need to reach into the box. Each sheet measures 6” x 10 ¾”.

Get this limited time kit before supplies run out!


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