The Lovers: A Two Finger Ring

Sleek and modern, this stunning two-fingered ring is sure to make a statement.

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Show off your jewelry making skills when you fabricate this stunning ring. Create depth and intrigue as you combine stone setting and riveting techniques together into a stunning project. Advance your skills and make s tatement with the techniques you can display every time you wear your unique ring.
Required Materials: faceted gemstones, 20-gauge stainless steel, 14-gauge round sterling wire, sterling silver tubing
awl, brass slide gauge,bench anvil, bench vice,dividers, drill bits, riveting hammer, hand files, jeweler’s saw and blades, 45 degree setting bur, flex shaft
Originally Published:
Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist January/February 2011

SKU: EP5793

Author/Speaker/Editor: Nanz Aalund

Format: eProject

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Stealing copyrighted artwork Review by Nanz

When I sold this TECHNICAL ARTICLE to Interweave Press I did NOT sell my COPYRIGHTED design.

You as a buyer of this article may use the information provided to make your own original art work, BUT Interweave does not have the right to sell my COPYRIGHTED design to you as part of this article.

Interweave Press is a corporate thief, stealing copyrighted material from hard working artists.

Nanz Aalund

(Posted on 9/10/13)

Stealing copyrighted artwork Review by Nanz

When I sold this technical article to Interweave I DID NOT sell my rights to the DESIGN!

Interweave is breaking their own contract and stealing from me as the original artist by offering this TECHNICAL ARTICLE and stating that you as the buyer have a right to make an exact copy.

You may use the technique to make your own design, but Interweave has no right to sell you my COPYRIGHTED artwork!

Nanz Aalund

(Posted on 9/10/13)