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The Ultimate Handwoven Digital Collection

Download the ultimate Handwoven collection with 13 years of the popular weaving magazine at one low price!

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The Ultimate Handwoven Digital Collection
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The Ultimate Handwoven Digital Collection
Instantly download 13 years of Handwoven magazine at once with The Ultimate Handwoven Digital Collection, including thirteen Collection downloads for one low price.

The Ultimate Handwoven CD Collection Spacer 10x10 pixels Each Collection contains five digital issues (with the 2006-2007 Collection containing ten digital issues) of Handwoven magazine with searchable, interactive tables of contents; easy-to-print patterns and instructions; an abundance of weaving tips, techniques, and entertaining stories that Handwoven magazine is known for.

With this digital Collection kit you'll have over a decade of Handwoven at your fingertips. This is a great opportunity to start your Handwoven library or possibly complete what you’ve already started.
That's 80 magazines for the low price of $109!
You save over $150 with The Ultimate Handwoven Digital Collection.
Highlights from these 13 years of Handwoven include:
  • An overview of dozens of weave structures including plain weave, double weave, Bronson lace, huck lace, log cabin, twill, shadow weave, overshot, block weaves, and so many more.
  • Techniques for tapestry weaving, warping different looms, weaving on a rigid-heddle loom, working with color, and more.
  • A variety of weaving projects, from table runners, towels, placemats, and blankets to tops, vests, jackets, bags, and more.
The Ultimate Handwoven Digital Collection includes 13 Collection Downloads:
  • Handwoven 2000 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2001 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2002 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2003 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2004 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2005 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2006-2007 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2008 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2009 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2010 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2011 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2012 Collection Download
  • Handwoven 2013 Collection Download

Download the Ultimate Handwoven Digital Collection today!



Format: Bundle


Format: Bundle