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The Weaver's Idea eBook

Explore the creative possibilities of cloth with a variety of patterns and techniques for simpled rigid-heddle and harness looms.

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Weave in more places with this convenient eBook!

New and experienced weavers alike are always on the lookout for new weave-structure patterns. The Weaver's Idea Book presents a wide variety of patterns for the simple rigid-heddle loom, accompanied by harness drafts for multishaft looms. The techniques include leno, Brooks bouquet, soumak, and embroidery on fabric. Each chapter contains weaving patterns along with swatches illustrating the techniques, accompanied by step-by-step photography.

The book is arranged by structure or type of weave, from variations on plain weave to doubleweave. With traditional patterns from around the world, bands, and fabrics woven on two double heddles, The Weaver's Idea Book brings together a variety of ways to create exquisite cloth. Weaving tips and tricks help weavers at all levels achieve their textile dreams. In addition to pattern drafts, Jane offers project ideas that guide the reader through creating functional woven projects, from wearables to home decor.

Weaving, especially on rigid-heddle looms, is enjoying a resurgence, and contemporary weavers are in need of a book to bridge the divide between basic books and complex text designed for advanced weavers with sophisticated tools. Celebrating the immense potential for creativity possible with the simplest of tools, The Weaver's Idea Book opens new avenues for exploration on both the rigid-heddle and multishaft looms.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: There’s Nothing Plain about Plain Weave
Designing with Plain Weave
Choosing Materials
Spaced Warps and Wefts
Weaving with Handspun
Color and Texture
Stripes and Plaids as Texture Color-and-Weave
Project: Felted Scarf in Beige
Project: PulledThread Scarf
Project: Rag Bag Threesome

CHAPTER 2: Finger-Controlled Weaves
Loop Pile
Danish Medallions
Brook’s Bouquet
Spanish Lace
Project: Shrug in Leno
Project: Linen Placemats

CHAPTER 3: Pick-Up on the Rigid Heddle Loom
Warp and Weft Floats
Exploring Weft Floats
Exploring Warp Floats
Exploring Color-and-Weave Plus Floats
Using Yarn and Structure
Project: Felted Pin-Striped Wrap Skirt
Project: Honeycomb Pillow Pair

CHAPTER 4: Weft- and Warp-Faced Fabrics
Weft-Faced Fabrics
Ghiordes Knot or Cut Pile
Clasped Weft
Weft-Faced Fabrics and Pick-Up Patterns
Warp-Faced Fabrics
Project: Summertime Coasters

CHAPTER 5: More is More with Two Heddles
Indirect Warping for Two Heddles
Weaving with Two Heddles
Textures with Two Heddles
Exploring Twill
Two Heddles, Two Densities, and Two Structures
Two Heddles to Achieve the Proper Sett
Embroidery on the Loom
Project: Country Girl/City Girl Apron
Project: Doubleweave Table Runner

Glossary of Weaving Terms
Direct, Single-Peg Warping
Project Record Sheet
Bibliography and Resources
About the Author

Jane Patrick grew up on the broad plains of south-central Nebraska where, from an early age, she earned the moniker of “the family putzer” because she was always making things. It wasn’t until she walked into the weaving studio at Löngumýri home economics school as an exchange student in Iceland that she knew that weaving was something she must do. Since then weaving has been both her livelihood and her hobby. Jane is the former editor of Handwoven magazine and is currently vice president of sales for Schacht Spindle Company Inc. She has taught weaving classes and workshops, given lectures on weaving, and juried textile art shows. Jane lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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