The Whimsical Face with Jane Davenport

Learn how to create a whimsical face for your mixed-media artwork with the irresistible and talented artist, Jane Davenport.

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Draw gorgeous faces from your imagination for your art journals, paintings, art dolls, and mixed-media projects! Accomplished artist and popular workshop leader Jane “Danger” Davenport shares a plethora of secrets and supplies on how to draw a face that will bring life to your drawings and bolster your creative confidence.

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  • Successfully portray a drawn face (no more wonky eyes!). Jane walks you through the anatomical proportions of the face, and gives advice on what to emphasize.
  • Give your profile an extra pop of personality with tips for adding volume, shading, and emotive elements to the illustrated face.
  • Create a range of face types with confidence thanks to step-by-step approaches to drawing straight forward, turned faces, and profiles.
  • Alternate methods to creating a whimsical face that range from how to draw a face to how to make a stencil (whether of individual features or an entire face) and incorporate it into your artwork.

Indulge in a fun, mixed-media frenzy of color! Jane sums up her imaginative approach best in the opening of her workshop: “Whimsical faces are based on reality, but play with the proportions so they’re a little bit quirky so when you look at them, they’ve got a bit of magic about them.”

Discover your own bit of magic when you treat yourself to The Whimsical Face with Jane Davenport!


SKU: 13QM15

Author/Speaker/Editor: Jane Davenport

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781620333358

Runtime: 134 Minutes

Customer Reviews

Great teaching! Review by Linda

Jane will have you drawing faces, instead of doodling. This video is wonderful! I was smiling as I watched and caught Jane's enthusiasm. She makes creativity sparks fly! I can now draw whimsical faces, when I could not draw before. Grab this video as soon as you can!

(Posted on 8/13/14)

great Review by Carol

Jane explains what she is doing as she goes through the process. I love her enthusiasm.

(Posted on 8/12/14)

Great instruction Review by Alice

I've never been able to draw a face before. This class of jane's has given me the ability and the confidence to draw faces now. I love her bright colors, and fun whimsical people. You just can't go wrong with jane davenport.

(Posted on 8/12/14)

It's Official! Jane can teach anyone--I mean anyone to create Review by Stephanie

This is my first experience with Jane, and I purchased Whimsical Faces because it was taught by Jane Davenport and because I loved the faces of her dreamy girls. I had read all of the positive reviews, but I didn't have high hopes--not because of anything Jane did or didn't do, but because I know how I struggle to draw recognizable stick figures.
Still, I was so drawn to the faces, and I have always so desperately wanted to be good at art. (You know how it is, we always want what we don't have, and I wanted to be an artist so desperately because I was so horrifically bad at it.)
Long story short--I followed the utterly delightful video step by step, and I have created my first whimsical darling. She is completely lovely, and what's more, it is just like Jane says in the video, my girl is completely unique. I think that is what means the most to me. I didn't just mimic Jane and create a carbon copy of her girl. No, I created my own face full of whimsy and personality.
Well done, Jane. Well done.
I will purchase every workshop Jane teaches.

(Posted on 6/8/14)

Amateurish video, great teacher Review by b

Jane is so much fun, and I love her style of teaching. But the camera angles mean that sometimes we're looking at the back of her hand, or at the back of her head. A lot of information is lost because we can't see what she's doing. Please, please improve the cinematography on video lessons! This is my first video purchase from Interweave; I don't want it to be my last. Great content, poor presentation.

(Posted on 4/8/14)

Awesome! Review by Blacksheep

This was my first DVD I bought from Jane and I tell you what it's awesome, very in-depth, she's a really great teacher I went to her website and started taking other classes I will most likely take all of her classes. She so positive and bubbly I keep making sure I have time in the day to either watch her DVD or draw and happily both. You really can't go wrong with Jane's products and her bubbly self. BUY IT... :0)

(Posted on 1/25/14)

Excellent Review by Susan

This woman has a gift for teaching drawing to those of us who thought they couldn't learn. This is an awesome DVD. I would highly recommend yo any level of artist.

(Posted on 9/20/13)

Fun Fun Fun Review by Louise

I have really enjoyed 'drawing' again with Jane. This is really a fun workshop and I feel as though I CAN draw. Now I seem to be drawing faces on darn near everything and creating my own 'look'. Jane gives you the freedom to be yourself and not be afraid of drawing.

(Posted on 9/4/13)

Such a joie de vivre! Review by Erika B

This is by far one of my favorite videos put out by Interweave Press. The filming was beautifully done, and the instructor has such a joie de vivre that you can't possibly dislike the work and process!

I have purchased quite a few videos from Interweave, and I guess that my only real critique is that I have tried watching this on my IPad as my computer is down and it took literally 9 hours for it to finish loading. It won't load all at once, you have to be playing it for it to actively load. I realize this is more likely an ITunes problem than Interweave, but annoying none the less.

As for Jane and her many faces - keep up the good work! I hope to see more of your classes available through Interweave Press!

(Posted on 9/4/13)

Delightful, Inspiring and Fun! Review by Jessica W.

I have had the pleasure of taking many of Jane's online classes and was thrilled to receive this DVD. Jane's teaching style is fun, refreshing and packed with knowledge of technique and supplies. Her sassy colorful style and accent along with her command of language makes it so easy to learn! I always feel so inspired and satisfied, it's like a trip thru the art candy store! I highly recommend this video to anyone who wants to improve their art skills - great for beginners too! Jane is my all time favorite art teacher and inspirational art journaling guru! I feel privileged to have experienced her teaching and positive energy. Don't miss out on this wonderful experience! Jane - I loved your hair style too!

(Posted on 8/22/13)

A really delightful and inspiring tutorial Review by Patricia

I am a video junkie and after having watched many people try to teach I have to say Jane is one of the delights out there. Easy to understand, great at demonstrating products and techniques and so inspiring. One of my first thoughts was how my granddaughters would have so much fun doing this. I can't wait to teach this technique to them and get them going on their own art journals. Thank you for the inspiration Jane!

(Posted on 8/1/13)

Wonderful! Review by Lynne

I have taken two of Jane's online classes and enjoyed them so much I had to have The Whimsical Face DVD. Jane's classes are so much fun and her mixed media techniques are awesome. I am amazed at how much my face drawings and paintings have improved and I have Jane to thank for that. I highly recommend The Whimsical Face.

(Posted on 7/25/13)

So much fun! Review by Janice

I've just completed working through "The Whimsical Face" and I loved it. I've been doing art work for years but haven't had so much fun learning about someone else's techniques. Jane is always smiling and joking around, but her lessons are spot on. Even a beginner should feel comfortable following her easy steps and everyone should enjoy her soft and quirky personality. If you need a new art lesson pick-me-up, go for this one!

(Posted on 7/5/13)

Five Star Review by Heidy

I have taken many of Jane's classes both online and in person and she is such a caring teacher and really helps you to understand what makes a pretty face. I am only five minutes in to the the video but had to stop and write a review to say "buy it now" this is the first class of Jane's that I have been able to download and it is just like having her here in my art room teaching me. Love Love Love it. Next we just need a book happy happy art day for me.

(Posted on 6/7/13)

Drawing is awesome! Review by Jane Davenport

Flying to the USA and making this video was a whole bunch of awesome! A big thank you to Jenn Mason, the Editor of Cloth Paper Scissors, and the Interweave Production Crew for making my filming fun!
I hope you enjoy 'The Whimsical Face' and it inspires you to not only draw, but love what you draw!
Choose happiness,
Jane/ Danger

(Posted on 6/7/13)