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Time to Weave eBook: Simply Elegant Projects to Make in Almost No Time

The beautiful, textural objects in the Time to Weave easy-to-download eBook offer an approachable and inspirational way to learn the fundamentals of non-loom weaving for the first time.

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One look at these gorgeous projects and your fingers will beg to learn a new craft! The beautiful, textural objects in the Time to Weave eBook including plaited paper baskets, woven lanterns, hearth rugs, sachets, cork table mats, and much more offer an approachable and inspirational way to learn the fundamentals of non-loom weaving for the first time.

Drawing on ancient and traditional techniques, author Jane Patrick, past editor of Handwoven magazine, uses everyday materials like copper tape, plastic sheeting, shrink tubing, paper yarn, and granite tiles to create stunning contemporary objects for the home. Patrick focuses on embracing a sense of place and appreciation for the natural world in these 18 simple weaving projects, and encourages a choice of reconstructed, recycled, vintage, or natural materials.

Non-loom techniques in Time to Weave include braiding, stringing, knotting, frame loom weaving, straw weaving, weaving over a pillow form, and more. Projects range from a sticks-and-string coaster, canvas strip pillow, pocket purse, woven paper cards, "waves" window hanging, and more. Clear step-by-step instructions and photography are provided for each design, and each project features ideas and variations for further exploration.

Projects call for simple equipment and tools and materials that are easily available. Each project is introduced with a quote and short essay about the process of making the piece, the materials, or sometimes musings about the process of creation and how this fits in with daily living. Patrick encourages readers to weave with a purpose and enjoy the process of creation as much as the outcome. Also included are hints, resources, and suggestions for further reading.

If you've never tried weaving, now is the time to explore this limitless craft! Learn the art of non-loom weaving with this great eBook!
Table of Contents
Weaving Basics
A Few of My Favorite Things

Cork Mat
Hearth Rug
Woven Paper Cards
Lantern Lamp
Plaited Paper Basket
Waves Window Hanging
Sticks and String Coaster
Tile Wrap
9-Strand Necklace with Beads
Spring and String Choker
Braided Rope Mats
Canvas Strip Pillow
Pocket Purse
Egg Hat
Pile Patch
Fuzzy Collar

Glossary of Weaving Terms
About the Author

Jane Patrick grew up on the broad plains of south-central Nebraska where, from an early age, she earned the moniker of “the family putzer” because she was always making things. It wasn’t until she walked into the weaving studio at Löngumýri home economics school as an exchange student in Iceland that she knew that weaving was something she must do. Since then weaving has been both her livelihood and her hobby. Jane is the former editor of Handwoven magazine and is currently vice president of sales for Schacht Spindle Company Inc. She has taught weaving classes and workshops, given lectures on weaving, and juried textile art shows. Jane lives in Boulder, Colorado.

“The projects are… simple and elegant and if you worked through some of them you would understand basic weave structures and have some lovely finished items.” – YarnMarket (UK)
"A fun and innovative guide." — The Shuttle Scuttle
"Weaving without a loom—wow.  You can create stunning and contemporary projects.  This book is full of great ideas." — Knitting News
"Very little is needed in costly apparatus and good directions are given. I heartily recommend this book." — Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers
"Elegant and easy projects that are sophisticated enough to delight both the novice weaver and expert craftsperson." —

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Jane Patrick

Format: eBook

ISBN 13: 9781596689619

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Customer Reviews

Great book for fresh ideas Review by Praktische

Jane Patrick's books are always full of varied and fresh ideas for weaving, stemming from an obvious love for a creative way to touch and enjoy incorporating various fibers and textures into one's everyday life. Many of these projects can be made with items readily at hand, even without a loom. This book includes fun projects for novices and expansive ideas for adept weavers.

(Posted on 12/19/13)