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Unique gift ideas and easy handmade gifts to make.

Find unique gift ideas, from quick Christmas crafts, to artsy gifts and mixed-media Christmas cards, plus much more with these favorite resources. Spacer 10x10 pixels

Unique gift ideas and easy handmade gifts to make.

Are you an artist who loves to create whimsical, quirky, and crafty Christmas gifts? Mixed-media and artsy gifts can be a fun and exciting way to brighten up your holidays and bring joy to the special people in your life.

Mixed-media gifts present a multitude of possibilities from holiday art projects and mixed-media Christmas cards, to capturing a special holiday memory in a piece of assemblage art made up of old holiday pictures and trinkets. The options are endless when you're creating unique handmade gifts!

Crafty gift ideas like gifting pockets, journal jars, and fabric flower pins are all easy Christmas gifts to make, yet speak volumes when they are personalized and put together with love. A little paint, paper, and embellishment goes a long way when dreaming up unique gift ideas. Easy DIY Christmas gifts can so much fun to make, and also serve as a great source of enjoyment  to not only the maker, but also the receiver.

Unique gift ideas from
Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts 2011/2012,
available in print and digital.

From handmade books, to paper maché collages and mixed-media jewelry, you'll find quick Christmas projects and easy handmade gifts for almost anyone. Get in the holiday spirit by gathering your favorite mixed-media supplies, found objects, and fabric and begin creating unique easy handmade Christmas gifts today!

Check out our top picks for mixed-media gift ideas to make this season merry and bright for every mixed-media artist!

Easy Mixed-Media Gifts to Make
Mollie Makes: Christmas Spacer 10x10 pixels Get Ready for Gifting
Spacer 10x10 pixels I ♥ Paper
Mollie Makes: Christmas   Get Ready for Gifting   I ♥ Paper

Over 20 projects to bring that extra something-special to the holiday season! A charming collection for beginners to advanced crafters looking for great gift giving ideas!

  The holidays are just around the corner! Prepare in style with this downloadable bundle that features Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts, a web seminar download, the One-Hour Gifts eBook, and more!    Find plenty of gift-making and gift-giving inspiration in this beautiful issue dedicate to paper! Make wreaths, party and home décor, and so much more! Discover what you can do this holiday season.
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Mixed-Media Gifts to Give: Give the Gift of Inspiration to Others
Creating Art at the Speed of Life Spacer 10x10 pixels Inside the Creative Studio Inspiration and Ideas for Your Art and Craft Space   Online Gift Card $50
Creating Art at the Speed of Life   Inside the Creative Studio
Spacer 10x10 pixels Online Gift Card $50

Give a fellow mixed media artist the gift of inspiration with this new book from Pam Carriker! The sequel to Art at the Speed of Life, this book provides 30 days of inspiration and exciting mixed media exploration.

  Turn the dream studio into a reality with this book! Discover ways to repurpose furniture and maximize storage and organization possibilities. Spend less time struggling with the space and more time creating with this guide!
  Don’t know what to get someone? An online gift card is an easy solution that is sure to be a big hit! Online gift cards are available in $15, $25, $50 and $100. Make the holidays easy with this gift!
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The Whimsical Face with Jane Davenport   Creating on the Go   Handmade Book Essentials: Learn to Make Folded Side-Stitched and Signature-Style Books
The Whimsical Face
  Creating on the Go   Handmade Book Essentials
Every mixed media artist is sure to love this best-selling DVD from Jane Davenport! Boost creative confidence with a plethora of secrets on how to draw faces.    Know a mixed-media artist always wanting to take their projects on the go? Here is the perfect gift to make that happen! Learn the best storage and necessary supplies to never have to leave home without a project in hand.    Preserve the precious memories from this holiday season with handmade books! A fun and creative how-to gift that will turn the most valuable moments into creative expression!
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Mixed Media Supplies for Creating Unique Gifts
Stock up on mixed media supplies to make sure you have everything you need
to make the season sparkle!
Twinkling H2Os Spacer 10x10 pixels Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze Spacer 10x10 pixels Shiva Iridescent Paintstik Singles
Twinkling H2Os   Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze   Shiva Iridescent Paintstik Singles

Make your holiday sparkle and shine with Luminarte Twinkling H2Os! Add depth, dimension, and shine to mixed-media gifts that every artist will love. Twinkling H2Os are also non-toxic, acid free, and safe for all ages!

  Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze helps you add brilliant color to your artwork! Mica and other mineral particles make this paint sparkle and shine. Use Silks on a variety of surfaces to add pizzazz to your gifts!   Paintstiks are dry to the touch within 24 hours, are easily blendable and can be combined with oil paints making them perfect for many kinds of gift projects without messy palettes or mixing cups.
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 Zipper Accents Spacer 10x10 pixels Inktense Pencil set 12/Tin Spacer 10x10 pixels SolarFast Dye
Zipper Accents   Inktense Pencil Set 12/Tin   SolarFast Dye

This zipper trim is perfect for jewelry & embellishments on holiday gifts! Add some fun and unique flare that will make your gift stand out.

  Our mixed-media expert Seth Apter loves these pencils! Order these vibrant Inktense colored pencils and get started creating something beautiful to give this holiday season!   SolarFast works well for painting, screen printing, batik, tie dyeing, stamping, and more. Just expose your design to sunlight and watch the color appear! Browse all available colors in our shop.
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Discover more gifts to make and give!
6 Tips to Get You Ready for an Easy Artsy Gifts Season


1. Keep it simple. Rather than selecting a unique project for each recipient, select one project for the guys, one for your crafty gals, ect. By limiting the number of projects, you allow yourself to be realistic about how many projects you have going at any given time. We also recommend having one or two easy mixed-media Christmas projects for those last minute needs.

2. Make a list, check it twice. Now that you have all your projects queued up, check your stash for supplies and write one master shopping list. Then do one big trip to get everything you need, that way there's no stopping mid-way through a project.

3. Set up your studio with stations. Decide where you will do your painting, gesso-ing, cutting, sewing, ect. and set up an individual station, even if it's just temporary for the season. This keeps you from dipping your fabric in paint when you aren't intending to.

4. Keep it all together. If possible, keep all your supplies for bigger mixed-media Christmas art and projects together. If the project is portable, put all your supplies into one bin or basket. This is especially helpful when you don't have much space to work in.

5. Keep your tools handy. Be sure you designate a special place for your most-used tools, especially when you have multiple projects going. That way you know exactly where your scissors, glue, pins, etc., are at any given time.

6. That's a wrap. Remember those stations? Set up a staging table where all your finished goods wait to be wrapped. Keep all your wrapping supplies (such as yarn, embellishments, and tags) nearby, so your mixed-media gifts get the wrapping they deserve. 

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