Vibrant Quilt Collage A Spontaneous Approach to Fused Art Quilts

Explore a groundbreaking take on quilt art to create rich, vibrant quilts using improvisational collage techniques and fusing.

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Fuse with intuition, quilt with passion!

Explore this groundbreaking book that will teach you how to create unique and expressive quilts by going beyond conventional patchwork using improvisational collage techniques and fusing.

In Vibrant Quilt Collage, author Bethan Ash, known for her rich and colorful quilt designs, shows you how to use hand and machine stitching as a final embellishment to the quilted piece. Learn to instinctively cut fabric shapes without the use of rulers or templates, layer them on a prepared background, and attach them with fusible web. Once the fabrics are secured by fusing, you're free to use more or less stitching as a final embellishment.

In clear, easy-to-follow text, discover invaluable information on methods, materials, techniques, and composition. Illustrated with many of Bethan’s quilts and additional examples of state-of-the-art fused quilts from around the world, this book is a visual feast of color and pattern. Artistic influences are evident throughout, from Matisse’s bright paper cutouts to pop art and mid-century design.

Vibrant Quilt Collage will help you expand the boundaries of art quilting through imagination, inspiration, and fusion.

SKU: 12QM04

Author/Speaker/Editor: Bethan Ash

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596688605

Table of Contents
About This Book

Before We Begin
Working Spontaneously
Techniques and Tips for Working with Fabric
Digital Transfer
Action Painting
Print Techniques
Resist Techniques
A Professional Finish
Exercise 1: Using Simple Shapes

Instinctive Abstracts
An Improvised Approach
Abstracts Touching Figurative
Improvisation and Abstract Art in Context
Modern Methods
Concepts and Influences
And Improvised Emphasis
Exercise 2: Using Vertical Lines

Inspiration and Intuition
Becoming a Quilt Artist
Subject Matter
Standard Basics-The Intuitive Toolbox
Depth and Space
Making Artistic Decisions
Using Sketchbooks
Exercise 3: Using Solid and Painted Fabrics

Color, Composition, and Surface Effects
The Impact of Color
Using Color
Assessing Ideas
Evoking Mood
Surface Effects
Exercise 4: Using Skeletal Shapes

Design and Creative Play
Responding Instinctively
Design Elements
Design Values
Integral Aspects
Developing Skills
Improvising with Mixed Media
Exploring Different Media
Exercise 5: Using a Poem, Text, or Words as Imagery

Disregarding the Rules
Style and Innovation
Fresh Challenges
Themes and Variations
New Media and Technology
Improvised Abstraction
Design Impact
Exercise 6: Using Shape and Stitch

About the Author
Bethan Ash is a professional quiltmaker and teacher with a background in fashion design. She has exhibited her work widely, and it appears in museum collections in the United Kingdom and United States, including New York’s Museum of Arts and Design. She is a member of the international Quilt Art group. She lives in Cardiff, Wales.

SKU: 12QM04

Author/Speaker/Editor: Bethan Ash

Format: Hardcover

ISBN 13: 9781596688605

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