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Warping Your Loom

Follow Madelyn van der Hoogts no worry warping techniques.

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Get trouble-free techniques for winding, sleying, threading, beaming, and more.

Make warping more smooth, serene, and successful with logical, easy-to-follow steps that avoid the horrors of tangling, uneven tension, and lost threads.
Avoid Uneven tension with tips on how to:
• Wind your warps quickly and effortlessly
• Keep them aligned and under control from warping board to beam
• Sley the reed
• Thread the loom
• Tie on to and beam the warp
• Find threading errors and fix them before you weave

Tension is good for warps, but terrible for weavers. From front to back, back to front, bobbin to beam, and paddle to raddle, Madelyn’s no-worry warping techniques help ensure that your every warp will deliver a satisfying weaving experience. Learn to warp without worries!



SKU: 10WV08

Author/Speaker/Editor: Madelyn van der Hoogt

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596683648

Customer Reviews

Brilliant I learnt so much I feel a lot more confident now having watched this DVD Review by Sue

I could not wait to watch this DVD and I was not disappointed I bought the weaving well at the same time just like having Madelyn in the same room teaching me I wish.

(Posted on 6/21/14)

Gift from heaven :-) Review by Karolina

Madelyn is an excellent teacher. I love this video! Warping really can be meditative and pleasant part of weaving with Madelyn´s help. I cannot thank you enough for this video :-) Greetings from Czech republic!

(Posted on 8/29/13)

Warping Your Loom )10WV08) Review by Jennifer Bond

Absolutely indispensable tool in my workshop. Have watched many times, and will continue to do so, learning something new each time. A "must buy" for the new and intermediate weaver.

(Posted on 11/18/11)

This DVD Transformed my Weaving Review by Barbara Lindberg

I wrote a great review of this DVD previously that was my impression from what I learned watching it. But now I've just finished my fist weaving project using all of Madelyn's techniques from the DVD. All I can say is WOW! Perfect tension, straight rows, it was an amazing experience. I do enjoy warping but I didn't know how to do it well. Now I love to warp and I feel like I'm a real weaver--I know what I'm doing. The finished project looked perfect and professional. I can't recommend this DVD enough for beginners or anyone struggling with warping. (I learned back to front but now I'm a front to back convert). Thanks Madelyn.

(Posted on 11/14/11)

Warping Your Loom DVD Review by Patricia Tompkins

I bought this DVD aboout 4 months ago and have viewed it at least 3 times. I learn something new every time. I have been weaving for over 30 years and the information in this DVD showed me that there is still a lot to learn. That's what I love about weaving, the education never ends!

(Posted on 9/22/11)

A very helpful DVD Review by Barbara Lindberg

I purchased the DVD and it's well worth the money invested. I had no idea how to warp from the front and I had heard about some equipment but I had no idea how to use it. Madelyn does a fabulous job calmly explaining the details of how to warp. She mentions what you need to hear as she demonstrates. She doesn't waste words--she explains things perfectly. Watching the video is both educational and interesting. Now I know about the choke tie, how to sley the reed on a table, how to move the cross, how to warp with multiple threads, etc. I know why I shouldn't finger comb my warp and how to properly pull it tight to create an even tension. There was a lot that I didn't know and seeing it done is so much easier than reading about it. Finally even though this wasn't a 'weaving' video I got to see an 8 shaft loom in progress and wow, what a lovely design. (Now I'm wanting an 8 shaft loom). If you're new to weaving it'd help if you brush up on the terms so you can follow the video easily (reed, dent, shaft, sley, etc). I've watched it twice and will use it as a reference resource as I plan my next warp. There are a few spots where the hands cover the action but if you keep watching the camera does come back and show how it's done. I was very pleased with this DVD and highly recommend it.

(Posted on 2/11/11)

Newbie on Board Review by Karen Haynes

I'm a Newbie, with a beautiful loved 1984 Baby Wolf. I have watch (you tube) and read trying to figure out how to use the warp board but mainly having trouble with the cross and threading. After watching the first time I warp with Crochet Shein and weft with sock yarn to make book marks (:)) I had tried to warp BTF prior to this DVD. This time it was FTB, it works great for me. I though Madelyn has a wonderful speaking voice, (Not boring). Like anything new it take time, repeat watching is very helpful. Print: It would be nice to a have a version for a 4-shaft for the scarf. I can only say good things about this DVD.

(Posted on 2/2/11)

A very helpful DVD Review by Betz Frederick

I loved this DVD! I appreciated her clear, detailed instructions and mentioning when something didn't matter. I am a new weaver, and this was just what I needed to give me more confidence. Warping has not been my favorite part of weaving, but this has given me a new point of view. I highly recommend it and intend to share it with my study group.

(Posted on 2/2/11)

Title Misleading Review by Nancee Quinn

I got a loom for Christmas, being a brand new weaver and not knowing all the new terminology, I wish it would have been very clear in the written description of the DVD that sectional warping was not included as that is what I have. So it was pretty much a waste of money for me. Granted I should have watched the preview and not just ordered it. It did help with winding your warp and I picked up a few tips, but they sure were expensive tips.

(Posted on 1/21/11)

Very good information and presentation Review by Betty Ann Lloyd

I've watched instructional DVDs before and some of them are like watching paint dry. This one is not. She moves through the process quickly and efficiently while giving complete and easy descriptions of what she's doing. Good tips at a great pace. I'm not sure that teaching people (new weavers) to hold the cross in their hand is the best way. Higher thread count warps would be harder to hold without a mishap. She does a good job of covering "if it was a longer warp" though since she's only working with 4 yards. I would highly recommend this to new and experienced weavers.

(Posted on 1/20/11)

a good reference tool Review by Nicolette Carter

I have watched the 2-DVD set titled "Warping Your Loom" by Madelyn van der Hoogt and here is my review. Positive: It was very liberating. She did all the work by herself. She simplified the process and explained why people warp the way they do. She loosened the grip on all the hard and fast rules that a new weaver may have had planted in his or her head. She offered lots of alternative ways to complete the process to suit an individual's circumstances or style. Her tone is very comforting. Negative: This DVD may not be suitable for someone who has never seen warping before. The camera-person was either not a weaver or was an expert weaver and therefore not tuned in to what a newbie needs to see. The camera angles were poorly executed at times. They usually made up for it with close ups or angle changes on subsequent shots but at the moment she says, "Like this...", I prefer to have the camera showing me precisely what she means. There is a free pattern and some other PDF helpful guide pages included in the DVD. Bottom line: It is a good tool to have as a reference and it served my purpose for making the purchase. Next time they need a better camera-person. P.S. She has a beautiful studio with really lovely equipment.

(Posted on 1/19/11)