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Weave a Good Rug with Tom Knisely: From Fiber to Finish Download in HD

Learn to weave a good rug with Tom Knisely. In this HD video download workshop, Tom walks through everything that?s needed for rug weaving, from fiber selection to weaving to finishing techniques.
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Take Your Weaving Skills to New Heights With Rug Weaving!


Rugs present some unique weaving challenges. They can be rustic, elegant, or just plain fun, but they also have to be, well, rugged.


In this video, filmed on location at The Mannings Handweaving School in rural Pennsylvania, Tom Knisely explains how to weave a good rug.


From fibers to finishing, Tom explains everything you need to know to successfully and comfortably weave attractive, sturdy rugs you’ll delight in having underfoot.

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Here’s just a sampling of all the weaving tips and techniques that you will learn from this three and a half hour video workshop:


  • Overview of rug structures and the importance of an unbalanced cloth
  • What features to look for in a rug loom in order to create a sturdy piece of fabric
  • Rug shuttles, temples, and other equipment that makes rug weaving mores successful and easier on the weaver
  • Choosing and preparing materials, from cottons and wools to fabrics for rags, for rug weaving
  • Warping techniques specifically for weaving rugs
  • Dozens of tips for weaving warp rep and weft rep, rag, and boundweave rugs
  • Braids, fringes, binding, and other finishing techniques 

This workshop is available as a 2-disc DVD, a standard definition video download, and a high definition video download.

Weave A Good Rug
About the Author
For more than thirty years, Tom Knisely has been handweaving teacher and general manager at The Mannings Handweaving School and Supply Center in East Berlin, Pennsylvania. In addition to teaching, Tom weaves professionally and is a frequent contributor to Handwoven magazine. Voted Handwoven Teacher of the Year, Tom is renowned among his weaving students for his kindness, good humor, and “seemingly infinite knowledge on the subject of weaving.”


Author/Speaker/Editor: Tom Knisely

Format: High Definition Video Download

Customer Reviews

Wonderful introduction Review by Inga

Very informative and well explained. Tom Knisely is an excellent teacher. Maybe a sequel with more details? One video can't cover everything.

(Posted on 1/18/14)

Enjoyable and encouraging Review by Katherine

I believe that Tom not only has the gift of weaving but he has a delightful way of teaching. I hope to weave my first rug in the upcoming year. I will watch this video again before begin warping and loading my loom.


(Posted on 12/5/13)

Buying weaving machine firstly Review by Jannet

I am interesting on buying the books but I think it was better first to buy this machine before everything: I have a background of how to weave and few patterns I had learned them before

(Posted on 11/26/13)