Weaving and Finishing Made Easy: Making a No Warp-Ends Checkerboard Bracelet on a Mirrix Loom OnDemand Web Seminar

Join Elana Zuyok and Claudia Chase and learn important information for creating a stylish bracelet on a Mirrix Loom!
OnDemand Webinar

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Join Mirrix Looms' President Claudia Chase and Marketing Director Elena Zuyok for this live web seminar that will address all the basics of how to weave a stunning Checkerboard Cuff Bracelet using the No Warp-Ends Kit on a Mirrix Loom. This method of weaving beads is fast, easy and a foolproof way to avoid having to sew in warp threads once your piece is off the loom. In this webinar you will learn how to set-up any Mirrix Loom with the No Warp- Ends Kit, weave beads on your loom, finish your bracelet, and create other beaded jewelry projects using a loom. Imagine how fast and easy it will be to make gorgeous jewelry for all your friends and family (and, of course, for yourself) from now on!

This webinar comes with a free full-color ebook with instructions on how to make this beautiful bracelet using Mirrix's No Warp-Ends Kit and unlimited access to Elena and Claudia if you have any questions during or after you make your first (and second, and third and fourth...) bracelet!

Recommended materials list for this course (but you can just follow along too):

  • Any size Mirrix Loom
  • Beading thread
  • A button
  • Beads (we are using 11/0 Delicas, but any size can be used)
  • A No Warp-Ends Kit or, The Checkerboard Bracelet Kit in the Interweave Store (comes with everything listed above except the loom)
  • A pair of scissors
  • A bead mat or piece of cloth


  • How to set up a Mirrix Loom with the No Warp-Ends Kit.
  • The technique of weaving beads into jewelry on a loom.
  • How easy it is to turn a simple pattern into a stunning piece.
  • Finishing tips for loom woven pieces and how easy it can be.
  • All the beading possibilities you have with a Mirrix Loom.


  • Anyone interested in weaving beads on a loom.
  • Beaders who want to try something new and exciting.
  • Beginning beaders looking for a fun and easy first project.
  • Bead weavers interested in seeing what a Mirrix Loom has to offer.
  • Anyone looking to make finishing beaded jewelry faster and easier.
  • Artists looking to add bead weaving to their repertoire of artistic skills.
  • Anyone who loves beads, color and making jewelry.

SKU: EP10411

Format: OnDemand Webinar

SKU: EP10411

Format: OnDemand Webinar