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Weaving Rag Rugs Collection

Join master weaver Tom Knisely as you learn all about weaving rag rugs in this Collection! Packed full of great weaving resources, advice, and projects, this is a collection you don't want to miss!

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Weaving Rag Rugs
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Weaving Rag Rugs Collection

This collection brings you expert advice of master weaver and teacher, Tom Knisely on weaving rag rugs! Learn how to plan and design your own rag rugs as well as discover new tips and techniques. You will also enjoy multiple projects that will help you advance your weaving skills.

Included in the Weaving Rag Rugs Collection:
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Weaving Rag Rugs
By Tom Knisely


Every weaver weaves a rag rug--or two, or three. In this book, well-known weaver and teacher Tom Knisely shares his knowledge and expertise in this collection of favorite rag rug patterns.

You'll love this book if:

  • You are looking for color planning and design advice for rag rugs
  • You want step-by-step instructions on warping and weaving for your rag rug
  • You want more than 30 rag rug projects, from simple to advanced


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Weave a Good Rug with Tom Knisely  

Weave a Good Rug with Tom Knisely: From Fiber to Finish

From fibers to finishing, Tom explains everything you need to know to successfully and comfortably weave attractive, sturdy rugs you’ll delight in having underfoot.

Here’s just a sampling of all the weaving tips and techniques that you will learn from this three and a half hour video workshop:

  • Choosing and preparing materials, from cottons and wools to fabrics for rags, for rug weaving
  • Warping techniques specifically for weaving rugs
  • Dozens of tips for weaving warp rep and weft rep, rag, and boundweave rugs
  • Braids, fringes, binding, and other finishing techniques

Handwoven's Master Weavers Collection: Favorite Projects and Lessons from Tom Knisely  

Handwoven's Master Weavers Collection: Favorite Projects and Lessons from Tom Knisely


Have you always wanted to do more with your weaving, but haven’t been able to find that perfect teacher? Look no further! Tom Knisely is a wonderful teacher who offers clear and concise weaving tips and techniques.

Tom is known for his instruction at The Mannings Handweaving School as well as his popular workshops The Loom Owner’s Companion and Weave a Good Rug. That knowledge is extended into this eBook. One of his specialties (as well as favorite projects) is weaving rugs and he shares his love in the articles and projects featured in these pages.

Best of Handwoven: Weaving with Rags  

Best of Handwoven: Weaving with Rags


Using cloth strips instead of yarn opens a universe of color and texture options to weavers.

For rugs, table mats and runners, clothing, bags, and more, rag wefts (and even rag warps!) produce durable, colorful, and uniquely textured fabrics.

This collection includes ten Best of Handwoven projects - all on two or four shafts.

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