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Weaving Rep

Learn how to weave rep and design your own rep block patterns with this weaving workshop with Rosalie Neilson. This video also includes a free rep project.

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Handwoven Presents:
Weaving Rep with Rosalie Neilson


Warp-faced rep weave is a playground of vibrant color and patterning possibilities. Also referred to as "ripsmatta" (a Swedish term), rep weave is characterized by the alternation of thick and thin picks of weft, or ribs.


Great for rugs, runners, bags, and other sturdy fabrics, rep is also wonderful for creating artistic hangings because it allows many blocks of pattern with relatively few shafts.


In this workshop video, rep weaver Rosalie Neilson teaches:

  • How rep works and why it’s different from other warp-faced weaves.
  • How to warp rep patterns smoothly and accurately.
  • Weaving rep with smooth weft joins and good selvedges.
  • How to design your own rep block patterns.
  • Other warp-faced options with a rep threading.
  • And more! 

PLUS! This 173-minute workshop video also includes a handout with warping and weaving tips, lists of materials and suppliers for rep, and one of Rosalie’s rep projects shown on the video.

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This 173-minute weaving workshop available on a 2-disc DVD set or as a video download in standard or high definition.

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Author/Speaker/Editor: Rosalie Neilson

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781620336038

Customer Reviews

A Great Rep Weave Teacher! Review by Loretta

Having had the wonderful opportunity to meet and take a workshop with Rosalie Nelson in 2005, it was a treat to revisit all the extensive ideas Rosalie has to share through this video. She is a gracious teacher who is passionate, obviously talented, and very knowledgeable. Actually, several years after taking Rosalie's workshop, our guild had a problem with tying up an 8 shaft Rep draft. We contacted Rosalie, who went over and above to helped us work through the problem. By the way, our problem had to do with "the teaching (that) is done on a blackboard, working out configurations". It is well worth understanding the theory of Rep and Rosalie explains it very well. Well done Rosalie!

(Posted on 1/21/14)

Great Rep Weave Video! Review by Red Gate Weaver

I always admire Rosalie Neilson projects in Handwoven magazine. Last year, I adapted one of her 2008 rug patterns for our home. Daunting! 1) I’d never before woven a rug, let alone something 3.5’ x 7’; 2) I’d never woven warp-rep; and 3) I didn’t fully understand blocks. I needed “Weaving Rep”! The video is filled with information, tips and shortcuts for happy rep weaving. If there’s a shortcoming, it’s that a little more time could be devoted to dressing the loom. Rosalie touches briefly on back-to-front warping (mentioning sectional warping and warp bouts), but weavers who customarily dress a loom front-to-back need more understanding of why the reverse is easier or better for warp-rep. Is it? I’m not sure. I’m sure, though, that I’ll refer to “Weaving Rep” many times as I tackle more rep projects in the future. Thank you, Rosalie Neilson!

(Posted on 1/4/14)

Disappointing dvd on Rep Weave Review by Linda

This dvd started out in a promising way but when I realised that the bulk of the teaching is done on a blackboard, working out configurations etc, with next to no hands on weaving demos, my attention drifted to other things. I confess to giving up on it in part one. this may be good for an experienced weaver who is used to working out blocks etc, but for a relative beginner like me, I found the teaching format did not stimulate. i would have liked to see some weaving going on etc.

(Posted on 12/29/13)