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Weaving Well (Video Download)

Learn all the weaving tips and tricks to take your yarn to cloth on a multishaft loom.
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Editor of Handwoven magazine and owner of The Weaver's School, Madelyn van der Hoogt demonstrates techniques and tips for satsifying, successful multishaft weaving.
  • Match yarn, sett, and structure to get the results you want
  • Weave clear patterns and smooth selvedges
  • Handle repairs and errors with ease
  • Make your finishes as attractive as your weaving
  • Learn dozens of other weaving tricks that you didn't know you didn't know

Madelyn shows you everything you need to know to make beautiful woven fabrics, from great start to fabulous finish.

Over three decades of weaving, Madelyn has made every mistake a weaver can make. Most of the tips and tricks in this video grew out of great questions and helpful suggestions from the more than five thousand students she has taught in weaving workshops and at The Weaver's School.


SKU: EP2840

Author/Speaker/Editor: Madelyn van der Hoogt

Format: Standard Definition Video

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Customer Reviews

Great video, very useful Review by Jessicamaude

Madelyn van der Hoogt has a practical but humorous way of explaining how to solve and prevent problems that's very enjoyable to watch. I have a few of her videos now and really appreciate how well she explains things. I was very glad to find some clear explanations of the difference in draft patterns and tie ups for countermarch looms, because I am new to weaving and that is what I've got!

(Posted on 4/10/14)

Happy self-tought weaver Review by Iropi

I have a RH loom and I'm interested in buying a floor loom. This is a very helpful video with some tips applying at rigid heddle looms as well. It is a MUST for self-teaching weavers. The only disappointment is that at the end of the video you want more.

(Posted on 12/24/13)

Great, but! Review by Ekaterina

Wonderful video, nothing to say about the content, great tips and tricks!
But I am quite disappointed, because I bought "Warping your loom" video as well, and the first part of "Weaving well" is exactly the same that in "Warping your loom" video.

I think it should be precised at least or there should be a price reduction for those who think buy both since half of the product is the same.

Thank you!

(Posted on 11/4/13)

Weaving Well Review by Jane Newble

Although I only have a Rigid Heddle loom at the moment, I am planning to get an 8 shaft loom soon. i decided that this might be a helpful video to watch, and I was not wrong. Madelyn is incredibly helpful and instructive, and I am looking forward to watching the video again. She starts at the beginning, takes you right down all the stages of preparing to weave. Then she starts step by step weaving, and shows the things that could go wrong and what you do about them. She has a delightful subtle sense of humour, and after watching the video, I can't wait to get my loom! And I want a little dog like the one she has too!

(Posted on 5/7/12)