Weldon's Practical Knitter, Series 13-16 Set

Create over 100 knitted or needlework projects from the twentieth century paper pattern company of the Victorian Era, Weldon's Practical Knitter Series 13-16 Set. Projects includes baby booties, Cypress edging, Gentleman's Cuff in Honeycomb, Knitting for a Lady's Boa, and Infant's First Jacket, and the Knitted Nightingale.

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You will love this Weldon's Practical Knitter, Series 13-16 set if you are a lover of the Victorian era, enjoy knitting timeless pieces, or wish to create projects for ladies, gentlemen, children, and the home.

Weldon's Practical Knitter, Series 13-16 Set contains over 100 patterns for ladies, gentlemen, children, and the home!

Create 100s of knitted or projects from the twentieth century paper pattern company of the Victorian Era, Weldon's Practical Knitter. The 13-16 series set will bring you back to the turn of the nineteenth century in London, England. The set "serves as a curiosity, an inspiration, a resource, and a link to a time beyond our memories."

Knit ingenious patterns that transcend the centuries.

Though perplexing to some contemporary knitters accustomed to detailed charts and succinct directions, Weldon's Practical Knitter patterns transcends time with classic edgings, detailing, and knit patterns. Needleworkers of that era would have been amazed to see their patterns in a virtual format of which they could never have dreamed. In this digital format, Weldon's Practical Knits preserves history while also allowing easier browsing, zoom capabilities, and no worries of wearing or tearing.

Enjoy 104 projects ranging from simple to ornate that transcend time:

Series 13

  1. Baby’s Knit Ring and Rattle
  2. Beech Leaf Knit Pattern
  3. Another Beach Leaf Knit Pattern
  4. Infant’s Knit Boots
  5. Cap In Looped Fringed Knitting
  6. Plain Knit Ball
  7. Knitted Fife Collarette and Cuffs
  8. Knit Sailor Doll
  9. Knitted Child’s Toy Whip
  10. Knitted Bassinette Cover or Quilt for Child’s Cot
  11. Knitted Fluted Border
  12. Lady’s Knit Vest
  13. Knit Saxon Star Pattern
  14. Knit Grecian Pattern
  15. Knit Cartoon Lace
  16. Knitted Pattern for a Quilt: Octagons and Squares
  17. Baby’s Knitted Balmoral Bootikins
  18. Infant’s Knitted Boots. Dotty Pattern
  19. Boy’s Knitted Sailor Jersey
  20. Baby’s Knit Overalls
  21. Lady’s Knit Under-sleeve
  22. Barrister’s Wig in Puffed Knitting
  23. Brioche Knitted Mats
  24. Tufted Knit Fringe for Mats
  25. Knitted Moss for Mats

Series 15

  1. Handsome Wide Mechlin Knitted Lace
  2. Knit American Over-Shoes
  3. Cable-Knit Baby's Boots
  4. Gentleman's Knit Cuffs
  5. Baby's Knitted Shetland Vest
  6. Gentleman's Knit Cotton Nightcap
  7. Baby's Knit Short-waisted Jacket
  8. Lady's Knit Vest
  9. Lady's Knit Petticoat
  10. Knit Petticoat for Girl of Five to Seven Years
  11. Knit Muffler and Chest Protector Combined
  12. Lady's Knit Bed Jacket
  13. Knit Sleeping Socks, Queen's Pattern
  14. Knitted Wanzer Border
  15. A Shawl Worked in Cross-stitch Knitting
  16. Vest, Knitted in Basket Pattern
  17. Knitted Gaiter for a Child of Two
  18. A Veil: Knitted in an Open Diamond Pattern, With Vine Leaf Pattern Border
  19. Knit Sock for Child of Two
  20. Infant's Knit Boot and Sock
  21. Pretty Knitted Cuffs

Series 14

  1. Spanish Point Lace
  2. Barberry Leaf Border
  3. Striped Border
  4. Lattice Pattern for Shawl
  5. Pairfax Border
  6. Sweet-Briar Lace
  7. Myrtle Leaf Pattern for Shawl
  8. French Trellis Border
  9. Corner of a Shawl Knitted in Boule De Neige
  10. Veil. Knitted in An Open Stritch with Wave Pattern Border
  11. Melon Pattern for a Shawl or Scarf
  12. Pompadour Lace
  13. Citron Leaf Border
  14. Irish Lace
  15. Hem-Strich Pattern for a Veil
  16. Sea-Shell Border
  17. Wide Point Lace Border
  18. Belgrave Edging
  19. Cyprus Edging
  20. Willow Leaf Edging
  21. Narrow Point LAce Border
  22. Marebell Lace
  23. Coburg Lace
  24. Phesants Eye Pattern
  25. A Plain Knit Scarf or Cloud
  26. The Old-Fashioned Shell Pattern
  27. Crescent Patterns for a Shawl or Scarf
  28. Trinity Stitch for a Shawl
  29. Pin Pattern for a Shawl
  30. Pretty Small Diamond Pattern
  31. Cobweb Stitch for a Shawl or Cloud
  32. Pretty Open Stitch for a Shawl
  33. Canadian Cloud
  34. Gentleman's Comforter
  35. Lady's Cap in Puffed Knitting
  36. Cross-stritch Knitting for a Shawl or Cloud
  37. Shawl Knitted with Arrasene
  38. Cuffs, Brioche Knitting
  39. Panchon
  40. Child's Knitted Ball

Series 16

  1. Lady’s Plain Knit Bodice
  2. Knitted Gentleman’s Waistcoat
  3. Knitted Scarf or Comforter
  4. Knitted Shoulder Shawl
  5. Double Rose Leaf Knitted Pattern
  6. Knitted Opera Hood
  7. Gentleman’s Knitted Knickerbocker Stocking
  8. Knitted Jersey for Child of Four
  9. Knitted Nightingale
  10. Lady’s Knitted Boa
  11. Infants Fancy Knit Vest
  12. Mittens Knitted on Two Needles
  13. Knitted Hood for a Child
  14. Infant’s First Knitted Jacket
  15. Knitted Shoulder Shawl
  16. Double Rose Leaf, Casle, and Grecian Knit
  17. Gentleman’s Knickerbocker Stockings: Knitted Carrick Plaid
  18. Infant’s First Knitted Hood

Get your copy of the Weldon's Practical Knitter Series 13-16 Set and keep the knitting craft alive!

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SKU: EP7200

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