Weaving Wire Jewelry with Mary Hettmansperger DVD

Join artist and author Mary Hettmansperger in 4 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to take your jewelry to the next level with woven-wire pieces.

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Weave your way to fabulous wire jewelry!

Join artist and author Mary Hettmansperger in 4 watch-and-learn lessons for everything you need to know to take your jewelry to the next level with woven-wire pieces.

Expand your jewelry-making repertoire with how-tos in 4 exclusive wire-weaving techniques. Create stunning necklaces and pendants with step-by-step instructions in looped surfaces; weaving paper, metal, or wire; twining; and more!

Order your copy today to:
  • Enhance your designs with a variety of step-by-step weaving techniques.
  • Add one-of-a-kind hues and designs to your metal with simple flux and torch how-tos.
  • Encase stunning stones and other natural objects with wonderful wire netting.
  • Create eye-catching patterns and effects with intricate techniques made easy.
  • Learn to ball the end of your wire for added visual interest in your pieces.
  • And much, much more!

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Netted Stone Necklace
  • Foil Woven Pendant
  • Twined Pod Necklace
  • Woven Window Necklace


SKU: 12BD27

Author/Speaker/Editor: Mary Hettmansperger

Format: DVD

ISBN 13: 9781596687127

Customer Reviews

disappointed Review by Jackie

I absolutely love Mary Hettmansperger's work. However, I was really disappointed with this DVD. Mary went much too fast in her demonstrations and did not explain much of the content clearly and the photography did not get close enough in. I appreciate that the DVD can be paused and re viewed, but alternative examples were flashed before your eyes so quickly it is still impossible to see them properly. Also, there is plenty of free information regarding tools and safety procedures available on the internet. I agree too much valuable time was taken up showing this, also the tools Mary prefers are obviously the ones she is using for her demonstrations. I feel this DVD would be better as an attachment to a book with clear instructions, measurements and photographs as has happened with other artists for about the same expense or less.

(Posted on 7/15/14)

Weaving Wire Jewelry by Mary Hettmansperger Review by Mary

This is one of the instructional DVD's that my daughter was looking for, to help in expanding her understanding and abilities in metal work.

(Posted on 2/9/14)

DVD/Download should indicate 50% of the context is about tools not craft. Review by Vickie

I paid full price for the download (14.95) and was very disappointed. My understanding was that the "book" would have projects and instructions. Most of the content was the authors favorite tools and how to use them. The artistic/craft part was delivered in a very light undescriptive manner. Perhaps somewhere in the description it should be mentioned that this DVD is for beginners who are unfamiliar with tools and how to use them.

(Posted on 9/3/13)

Could be better Review by Mary

For a professional DVD, this DVD could be alot better. The projects were good, but the camera work was often terrible. The camera shots were often from a distance, instead of taking close up shots so you could see what the instructor was doing and what the finished pieces looked like. After all, isn't this an instruction video? Mary often did variations on the pieces, but rushed through those variations at the end so she might as well not have bothered. And she often had to searched through her work area for materials, as if she hadn't planned ahead for the video shoot. All in all, I found this a rushed production in parts, and unprofessional. I expected alot more for the price of this video. There is no point is so many far away shots in an instructional video. Also, the pdf file provided entitled: "Tools and Materials" is just one big list. It contains no breakdown for the different projects on the DVD. This is a real let down. When you get a Step by Step magazine, for example, they give you lists for each project. The DVD should have done the same, at least for the materials. Interweave, please look at these videos before releasing them.

(Posted on 7/28/13)

Absolutely amazing!! Review by deanne dowden

I learned so much from Mary's DVD that it blew me away. I don't have all the materials she mentioned yet I was still able to use her ideas in other jewelry pieces. Please do more DVDs! You are an amazing teacher.

(Posted on 6/10/12)