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Four Tools You Should Have For Great Wire Wrapping Projects

By Jennifer VanBenschoten

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When it comes to wire wrapping, I’ve found that improving your wire wrapping techniques can be as simple as having the right tools for the job. Getting back to the basics with a good set of wire wrapping tools will make it so much easier to learn things like how to wire wrap jewelry or how to wire wrap stones.

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You probably already have a good set of wire wrapping pliers, including chain nose, round nose, and flat nose, but there are a few other tools and pliers that you should consider adding to your tool kit if you want to improve your wire wrapping techniques and tackle new wire wrapping tutorials.

Before you sit down to make your next set of wire wrapping projects, take a look in your tool box and make sure that you have these four essential tools for wire wrapping!

1. Flush Cutters. Arguably your most important tool for learning how to wire wrap jewelry is a good, no, GREAT pair of flush cutters. Successful wire wrapping projects should not have any sharp ends that may catch on clothing or scratch skin. Being able to make clean cuts will make for better finished wire wrapping projects.

2. Wire Straighteners. Before I started working with wire wrapping techniques, I never understood why having a good pair of wire straighteners was so important. But being able to remove small kinks from a length of wire in the middle of a wire wrapping project is essential to creating a good piece of wire wrapped jewelry. Replace the jaws on your wire straighteners as often as necessary to ensure successful wire wrapped jewelry patterns!

3. Combination Pliers. My favorite wire wrapping tool is my combination pliers. With one jaw rounded like a round nose pliers and one jaw flat and tapered like a chain nose pliers, this tool makes easy work of basic wire wrapping techniques like wrapped loops.

4. Needle Nose Pliers. Perfect for when you need to reach into a tight corner and grab an end of your wire, a good pair of needle nose pliers can help you execute some of the more intricate wire wrapped jewelry patterns from your favorite books and magazines. They’re also great for picking up tiny beads when you’re adding beads to wire wrapping projects.

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The next time you look through your wire wrapping books, think about how you might use these essential wire wrapping tools to create beautiful wire wrapping projects. If you’re just learning how to make wire wrapped jewelry, try adding a couple of these to your tool kit and see how much easier they make it to learn new wire wrapping techniques!

 Jennifer VanBenschoten

Jennifer VanBenschoten is the online editor for Beading Daily, where she gets to indulge in her lifelong passion for making jewelry with seed beads. She’s easily distracted by tiny, shiny things, and she’s made more beaded jewelry than she could ever wear in an entire lifetime. When she’s not beading, thinking about beading, or talking about beading, she’s either elbow-deep in her gardens, playing with her son, or cooking something fantastic in the kitchen.