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Zodiac Templates Bundle

What's Your Sign? And by sign...I mean cool stuff. And by cool stuff I mean this exclusive bundle...

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The Zodiac has been in use since the Roman era. The calendar was divided into twelve equal zones of celestial longitude, starting with the Age of the Aries. The signs of the Zodiac is said to give one insight into day to day living.  Take your journey with items made with Zodiac Heat Resistant embellishment products and find a place in the stars. It is simple to create beautiful designs with these hotfix crystals and pearls. Made of a heat impervious plastic, these crystal stencil designs will give you perfect placement every time. Simply position the rhinestone stencil design where you want and apply crystals or pearls until every craft stencil design hole is filled. Remove the stencil and voila! A perfect design.
This Zodiac Templates Bundle includes:
      o   12 different Zodiac designs, each on a reusable template
      o   Each design has 10 gross (1440 pcs) 3mm & 4mm hotfix Crystalina crystals

SKU: QM1171

Format: Merchandise

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Kandi Corp develops and markets innovative products for sewing, quilting and crafting. Kandi’s products include a wide assortment of hotfix crystals and embellishments, hotfix tools, deColourant® for precision discharge dyeing, Hot Wax Art® for encaustic painting, and the new Handi-Iron®

SKU: QM1171

Format: Merchandise